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  1. Now that the weather is starting to get a little warmer in my corner of the midwest, I'm really looking forward to grilling season. My girlfriend and I love having people over for cookouts, but our small grill isn't exactly doing the trick anymore. That's why she wants to get me a new grill for my birthday next month.

    So, this is what I'm thinking about getting.

    I like charcoal, and I love the fact the coals can be raised and lowered. Of course, you can still set up different heat zones, but I think that's a nice little bonus. Is there something else you guys would recommend in the same price range?
  2. Consider the classic Weber.
  3. I used to be exclusively a charcoal guy, then I started grilling on my deck and went to propane for the safety factor and speed of heat up.

    Now I have my grill just outside of my kitchen door and use it just as easily as the stove.

    Not trying to convert anyone who likes the ritual of firing up then cooking.

  4. I have a similar one, I think it has a different name. I love it, I use it for slow cooked items like whole chickens, ribs, pork roasts, etc. I do agree with the above post about the speed of propane. I couldn't decide so I have both now.

    I use the adjustable elevation of the coals depending on how far into the cook I am, I think it is very helpful.
  5. Work with the price point that is best for you, that grill for about $200 is certainly fine for a couple of years.

    I am a diehard charcoal guy and I am now in research / replacement mode. My 9 yr old Bar-B-Chef (featured on the older Alton Brown's "Good Eats" show) has its guts corroding out and the mfg has killed their charcoal line.

    I am looking to buy another charcoal grill and I am looking to get something more "year round", so the lrg Big Green Egg is a contender. The same cooking surface as a Weber kettle, uses 1/4 the fuel and it is made out of weatherproof ceramic. The local BJs Wholesale Club has them with the stand for $800 - a huge jump from the model you are looking at, but quite possible a grill that will pass along to your heirs
  6. x1000! You can't beat the performance of a Weber kettle. They do almost everything well.
  7. Wid


    Another vote for a Weber kettle, love mine.
  8. I got one fairly similar to that from Lowes a few years ago. I am not sure it is the same brand, but I would suggest you thoroughly check it out in the store. The one I have is not very good, it has all kinds of gaps in it that let the heat escape, the tray that raises and lowers the coals is pretty flimsy. I didn't even uncover it last year because I can't do the low and slow that really reaps the benefits of charcoal, it's basically a fast grill only, so I just use the new propane grill I picked up last year. I love charcoal, but it is frustrating to go to the work of getting the coals all lit and everything just to fast grill a few burgers or dogs.

    I have thought about trying to insulate mine, but honestly I am not even sure where to begin.
  9. After years of trying to save money on the front end and buying different Char-Grill propane grills (even their stainless models), I finally grew tired of the short life spans and went with a Weber propane grill. The difference in build quality and materials is dramatic. I can change it up and cook over indirect heat, use smoke packets, etc., and it does a great job.

    Having said that, I'm going to get a Weber Kettle because I do enjoy charcoal grilling as well. There's plenty of room on camjr's patio, and we value diversity at my home!!!

  10. I'm a diehard charcoal/hardwood guy as well and have had a Weber Kettle for a dozen or so years and it has taken more than its share of abuse and still performs beatifully. I think I paid ~$80 for it so I have gotten way more than my money's worth out of it and it's still going strong! The only complaint at all that I have about it is the cooking surface is a wee limited, but I have a larger offset smoker for things like ribs anyway.
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    Weber Kettle. End of discussion...hits the sweet spot, easily balancing price, performance, and quality.
  12. You know what, I got a stainless grill about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. It cost a bit more but no rust whatsoever, still looks great.

    Nice pic turtle, I can actually smell what's cooking!
  13. I picked up a Weber Performer on Craig's List 1.5 years ago to replace my propane grill. It's an older model, about 15 years old or so, and has the stainless side table and cart with the propane gas assist for lighting up the charcoal too (although I usually just use a chimney starter. I've done brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, whole chickens, pizzas and the usual hot grilling stuff like burgers and chicken breasts. I absolutely love it!
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    Another vote for the Weber Kettle, have one and it does everything from grilling to BBQ.
    If you want only one, then the Kettle is the way to go :thumbsup:

  15. I find that a quality kettle charcoal grill (a Weber is probably top of the line) lasts much longer than a propane grill if it is kept clean. I also prefer multiple kettles to a giant one. I feel you get a little better control and can minimize heat loss by not having to leave the lid up as long as you would for a larger grill.
  16. It may be out of your budget range, but if you can swing it, I would look for a Big Green Egg, or a Primo kamado. For lesser beans, you can get a Big Steel Keg - same principle, although not ceramic, so I don't know how long it would last. I got a BGE last year and will never go back. If budget is a major factor here, then I agree with everyone else - a Weber Kettle is a no-brainer.
  17. another vote for a weber kettle. to me the, SILVER is the best bang for the buck. with GOLD you are paying for the ash collector tray.

    i got mine locally, used for $10 and it's still going strong. they last forever with a little care and grate replacement every so often. buy LUMP charcoal, never briquettes and never use lighter fluid. buy a CHIMENY STARTER from lowes or HD or WM, they can start charcoal in minutes and your family and friends will wonder how the food tastes soooo good.

    $100 or so, the Weber Silver 22-1/2" is a steal. use the extra money for some charcoal dividers (to allow you to smoke on it) and some quality lump charcoal and a HD cover.

    if you can find one and splurge for about $400-500, the Vision Kamado (not the pro and not a BGE) is also a sweet grill. i picked one up last year and it sears, smokes, cooks, bakes, does it all, pizza too. i know the diehards will say it's not a BGE, but it's 1/2 the price, came from costco for warranty purposes and will last me years

    good luck and whatever gets will work. it's not the bbq that makes the food taste good, it's the person using it.
  18. I have a small Smokey Joe Silver. It cooks enough food for 3-4 people, but that would be too little for large cookouts like what you have. I heard good things about the "Old Smokey" line of grills. They are kinda Jed Clamplett-ish, but they look cool and rustic. Plus they are made in the USA. I hear that they last for generations.

    But you can't really go wrong with the Weber or that Green Egg thing.
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    Yet another vote for the classic Weber kettle. I'm not a grill snob, but the difference in quality between my 2 Webers and every other grill I have ever owned is no joke. I have a Genesis gasser that is almost 6 years old and just now needs the "flavorizer" bars replaced; everything else on it is still flawless. My other is a 22.5 Gold kettle that I also love. As mentioned by brucered, the $50 premium for the upgrade from Silver to Gold only gains you the ash catcher, but it is well worth it to me. Not only does it make it a breeze to clean, but it also reduces the risk that a stray ember may escape and make it past my grill mat and onto my deck. If anything falls through the bottom vent on mine, it isn't going anywhere but into the basket below. Still, if that isn't a concern, you otherwise get the exact same grill in one of the Silver models for a significantly reduced price.
  20. Big Green Egg. Forget everything else. I'm serious. It's amazing.

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