New Feather AS-D2 is here!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Snuff-Belgium, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. the pics did not show up. cant wait to see reviews
  2. you need to be signed into that forum.. i can't see them either.
  3. The pics get filtered if you are not a member (to save bandwidth).

    Looking forward to three razors that are due out soon. New slant heads from Tradere and iKon and the new Feather
  4. Im sure it will be posted here soon enough.
  5. I wait with bated breath...
  6. $27ab9779.jpg $81c14079.jpg $849c6062.jpg
  7. it's amazing!
    what's difference between TAS-DS?
  8. Cool! Is it more aggressive than it predecessor?
  9. Ooh! The AS-D2 looks shinier than the AS-D1. Also, the blade-centering tabs on the underside of its cap extend further, through and well below the baseplate. Nice!

    This time around, if the AS-D1 is better than its predecessor, I'm getting the stand, too...
  10. I was late to the Feather stainless, but recall reading about a few isolated blade alignment issues... and then the AS-D1 was discontinued. It seems (almost obvious) from the pics, that they've addressed this issue by retooling the cap & base. I'd bet, that independent of this redesign, all else remains the same. Why else change their signature (mild) DE razor? Of course, I could be wrong but I'd still bet that the new & improved AS-D2 is the same mild shaver it always was.
  11. It's Google translate that is stripping out the pics. Go to the original page to see them:
    There are significant differences. It isn't quite a new razor, but might feel very different in use.
    They moved up the top 3 grooves on the handle. I'd have preferred it if they'd just added a fourth groove instead. The new design may not have a groove at the balance point.
  12. Stefan shaved with the new razor today and this is what he wrote on the Nassrasur forum:

    Today I made ​​a comparison shave AS-D1 against D2, respectively equipped with a fresh Feather blade FH. Each model was given one side of the

    I have very sensitive skin, so I say "fortunately" is the AS-D2 as gently as the AS-D1 - I can determine no difference. Two passes (with and against the grain) and some touchups on the neck, where the hair grows across - BBS! so shall it be and there are countless people like me, who are looking for a smooth and mild razor.

    BUT: the AS-D1 was just to gently. It must be emphasized that with such a gentle Design tolerances are much smaller and easier felt than with a aggressive razor. This effect should be gone with the new model the accuracy should be increased and I assumed that FEATHER has succeeded. the new
    Model shaved wonderful, smooth and soft .

    I for one am glad that the AS-D2 is on the market to serve the many people with very sensitive skin and it remains the softest Stainless razor in the market.

    In the normal aggressive Luxury Plane there is the PILS and tradere SB, in the category aggressive the tradere OC and probably end on the far end of the scale tradere slant (not yet in Production).

    So everyone can find the best razor for his personal beard and skin.

    Congratulations, FEATHER!
  13. Probably fine tuned alignment issues. I do not like the flanges around the alignment slots on the underside of the baseplate. Looks a little awkward
  14. If I'm understanding this (like I speculated in Post #11)... the new one has tighter tolerances for blade alignment, but is still the same mild gentle razor. If I'm reading this wrong, then I need an English translation. The new one is 'better'. The AS-D1 looks better. Now a classic. Glad I got one when I did.
  15. Some of the original versions are reported to be too mild, and unable to give a close shave.
    Others (like mine) are fine.
    They probably just tightened up the tolerances and tweaked the design a bit. The bottom of the baseplate is less attractive IMO, but if it ensures consistency you can't complain.

    Can we call Release 2 the R2/D2 model? :biggrin1:
  16. ^ I like R2D2!

    Also, despite the initial review above, I'm not sure we can be sure exactly how it shaves compared to the AS-D1. The reviewer says the AS-D2 is just as gentle as the AS-D1, but then says that the AS-D1 is too gentle. I think a daring (reckless?) member here who already owns the AS-D1 and who is up to the challenge (is foolish with his or her money?) will need to take the plunge and report back!
  17. I think the old one looks better cosmetically. Also, I'm glad I decided to go against my intuition and spring for the old one while it was still available. I normally wait for new models of anything to come out.
  18. I Myself like the look of the old one :eek:)

    But the new one can grow on me :eek:)

    Also Maybe the New AS D-2 doesn't have the Angle Issue the AS D-1 Had?, With the AS D-1 you had to be on point to get a good shave, and seems for me that ended after using aggressive razors like the R41 and Now Titan H1, And some Aggressive SHE's as well. Oh well go figure :eek:) But none the Less Still would like to try a New AS D-2 just for Curiosity.
  19. I got one of the original ASD1 models in May 2010. Blade alignment is perfect on mine. It sounds like the ASD2 just returned the faulty D1's to the original specs, and changed the look.

    The OP/reviewer is right....there are plenty of options for those that want a face grater. The Feather AS fills a niche for those of us who prefer mild.
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