New Feather All Stainless Safety Razor

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Harvey, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Got mine today..and what a beauty..worth every dollar..NOT OVERPRICED !!!! You will be amazed at the quality and presentation. This is the razor you will pass on to the next generation. Absolutely a work of art and best of all you can actually get it ..not read about it like you know who. Buy one and you will smile every morning when you pick it up. Harvey
  2. Yes and it is amazing..worth evey dollar and not at all over priced..I love it !!!! get this and you might not ever buy another razor !!!!!!!!
  3. see my comments below..this is the razor to have ..less than a PILS but just as nice..maybe even better all around..not slippery and better balanced.Harvey
  4. yes it is more aggressive but in a positive way.More expensive but worth it . This will be your go to razor and the pride of any collection Harvey Absolutely outstanding and I have over 60 razors in my collection. (from Feather popular to PILS)
  5. So your are saying that in terms in aggressiver nature

    New Feather razor > Feather Portable > Gillette Tech ??

    I compare it with a tech as its modeled on the same design. Which setting would you compare it to say on the fatboy if you can ?
  6. maybe a 3/4 ..easy to control ..kind of like shaving with a Bentley and it feels like a Porsche..put it this way it feels great..shaves great and looks great. What else could you ask for Harvey
  7. I think that's a low price for this one, isn't it? I thought it went for $199? No, to answer your question, I haven't - but I could've sworn I read that someone around here has. Maybe someone will pipe in...:tongue_sm
  8. the first time i saw this razor was just a few days ago, on the BST, some one had them for sale, but honestly i am not going to pay 150.00 for a razor
  9. I love Feather, but wth is up with that price tag? :blink:
  10. I think I remember someone talking about this from a while back. As far as I can remember they are incredibly well made and work excellently, though as usual with items of this nature, aren't good on the old vfm. Anyone else remember that?
  11. dpm802

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    This is the first I've heard of this razor. It looks good on paper, but that doesn't really tell us how it shaves. I don't see how they justify the price-tag, especially for a 3-piece.

  12. I know you can do better than this!
  13. Son


    Gillette DE on e-bay are overpriced.
    This stainless steel Feather is an exclusive, quality product and it is expensive. Not overpriced.
    Same goes for high end shaving creams.
  14. im tempted, i have birthday cash left over, and a few favors to call, but at the same time, i find techs to be too aggresive for me, how does this bad boy compare to a merkur 34c ?
  15. No way that's worth the cash... When I saw this thread I assumed it must be a straight; my jaw hit the floor after seeing the picture.
  16. Suzuki

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    $150 for a stainless razor - there is no way the price is any way reflective of the costs to design or manufacture this product. There is absolutely nothing novel in terms of its design and stainless steel isn't overly hard to work with or particularly expensive.

    Seriously, I don't get why a company thinks people will buy a razor for $150 when a $40 razor will shave just as well (and possibly better).

    While the Pils razors sell for around $300, at least the company tried to come up with an innovative design, as opposed to ripping of a Tech.
  17. Lots of healthy opinions but has anyone shaved with it!
  18. I was wondering how many people have tried it also? Also would love to get like 8 to 10 people together to buy one and try it out. After we could always sell it to one of the 10 or sell it to another group.

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