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  1. Well, it took a month, but my new shelf was finally ready today. I've been storing/displaying my razors and brushes on stands. The brushes outnumber the razors and my basin area has become crowded and riotous. I thought a nice shelf over the sink might be just the thing. I was very surprised how difficult it was to find a such a thing. Several companies make kitchen storage shelves for over the sink, available online, but not in stores. They are a bit big for my sink. I searched high and low, but I could find nothing.So I went to my local glass shop and gave them some measurements. It took a couple of weeks, but I'm quite pleased with the result:

  2. Very nice!
  3. Sweet. Nice utilization of the space you have.
  4. Looks great!! Glad they could make you what you wanted.
  5. Impressive! Job well done.
  6. That is absolutely gorgeous. I really dig the all glass design and it hovers over the sink perfectly. I see you are a fan of Vulfix, me too!
  7. WOW!! that thing looks sweet!! I too am running out of space and need a new storage option! On a side note what is the orange brush at the end? I really like the look of it!
  8. Very very nice! It really looks great!
  9. Very nice indeed. Job well done.
  10. Looks amazingly professional! Fantastic job
  11. Thanks for all the nice comments. I really dig the shelf. Funny thing is, my wife was dead set against from the inception. About an hour after brining it home, she now has decided she wants one.

    Guilty as charged. They're all supers except for the 2235 which is a silver tip and the softest brush I've every used.

    That's a Muhle Stylo butterscotch set, silver tip brush.
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  12. How is the glass joined?
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    Wow, very nice!
  14. Great work. So I take it you're single?
  15. That's the hard part: It's glued with some sort of silicon-based material. The joint is very strong, but perpendicular as it is, would withstand only so much sideways pressure. The top glass is tempered, but the "legs" are not.
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    Great use of space. Nicely done!
  17. That is very nice. How do you like the Muhle Brush.
  18. Very nice! Clean looking.
  19. Knot: small; Loft: tall; backbone: not at all. The handle is a slick surface and hard to hold, especially if bowl lathering. The jury's still out, but not one of my favorites. I find that I prefer a larger, more traditional brush.
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    Very nice!
    Looks great.

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