Never knew.....but found out i live on doorstep of Mitchells Wool Fat Place!

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by npinn001, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Never knew,

    but after checking out the website, its about a 5/10 minute drive away. Might see what they sell it for!
  2. Not sure if they do tours - but Graham there is very helpful.
  3. I would ask for a tour...are they going to turn down a potential customer?
  4. Health & Safety at Work legislation - they may have no choice. Anyway do you want npinn001's eyelashes in your soap? :biggrin:
  5. Hmmm...point taken.
  6. Yeah not a pretty thought at all! It just really threw me, as the majority of posters are from the US and say how expensive it is, but when i see most vendors sell it for under £14/£15 here in the dish, its great.

    Would be good to see if he could show me how its done, maybe if i buy enough!

    I know it may sound strange, but has anyone ever pondered doing some kind of across the pond exchange? Such as, the Mitchells soap we can get easily, and some bits they can get easily, and doing a swap. Maybe it wouldnt be cost effective, though it couldnt be too bad?
  7. Not a swap but I did buy in a couple of lots of MWF and sold them on at cost here. Ended up about $15 delivered for the soaps and $35 for the soap+dish (which you have to repack with extra noodles or bubble wrap because the lid tends to rattle and may be prone to smashing en route)
  8. Our U.S brothers organise group buys all the time.
    Are you really sure you wanna see how this soap is made? The only time I want to smell hot animal fat is in my kitchen.:biggrin:
  9. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    and im glad you did, too :biggrin:
  10. Yeah i guess you are right, maybe its best not to see. But maybe i can see how its made and set up 'Pinns better than mitchells but not the same at all and certainly not copied wool fat soap' ha ha.

    Sounds like shipping to US is quite high so prob not worth me getting some for £15 x $1.4/£1 = $21 so $14 dollars to ship does seem prohibitive, though i guess if its cheaper for them? Maybe a better time for them as the exchange rate has dropped but probably not as good for us importing!
  11. This could be a case of 'lucky you'. Be sure to let us know how your visit goes.
  12. Which is also a bummer as i have a BNIB men-u premier brush and brand new men-u shave cream bottle i was going to put on B/S/T for less than cost but guess it may be too much to ship, could do it for uk or europe only
  13. If people want me to see how much it would be at purely cost (i wouldnt look to make anything in the spirit of the community) for the pucks or the cermics due to the favourable exchange rate, then i will. Let me know
  14. Well when I did it, it was around $2/£1... so it set out as $9 before shipping.
  15. I'll save you some time.... (you'll need to check the RM international postage rates haven't gone up though and the cost of the jiffy bags)
  16. You never know, maybe they have a 'factory shop' you might be able to pick up some slight seconds cheap. Or have a rummage around in the bins at the back when they've all gone home!!:biggrin:
  17. Wow....when you do something septic, you do it properly. Thanks for the heads up, looks like you already sorted out half of B&B!

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