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  1. JM


    When I made the switch to DE/SE shaving I also switched to cold water shaving as well. Today I decided to try a hot water shave and my neck light up like a Christmas tree. I had forgotten just how bad a bad shave could feel, my neck is still on fire and it's been hours since I shaved.

    I'll never again try a hot water shave.

  2. Oddly enough I went the other way, always been a hot water shaver even with the cartridge razors but heard the talk on the benefits of a cold water shave and decided to give it a go.
    I've got a very tough beard so maybe the hot water is better at softening it up but the cold water attempt was one of my worst shaves since the DE conversion.
  3. +1 to the tough beard. Wish I could cold water shave in the summer, but need the beard softening of warm water.
  4. Wow, that is a very strange thing! i have tried both and prefer the cold water shave even though i have a coarse beard. Hot water is to irritant.
    You should try unrefined Shea Butter to help with the irritation. It works wonderfully! Good luck.
  5. That sucks. Nothing worse than neck burn. Especially if you have to wear a shirt and tie
  6. I have very sensitive skin...Dr Harris Arlington pre shave...then cold water
  7. JM


    I wear (bow) ties on Sunday morning. I'm hoping to be able to shave early Sunday and toss on a tie.

    Just a thought...I have a thick, curly, slow growing beard and find cold water works better for me. Anyone else with this kind of a beard that finds cold water better then warm or hot?

    I've seen shea butter shave cream marketed for black folk and wondered if that would work better for my sensitive skin. Any thoughts?

  8. The Shea Moisture Shave product (it is not a lathering shave cream) has been reviewed several times at B&B. Let's just say . . . it's not pretty.
  9. Hot water never really worked for me also. I enjoy warm water.
  10. Neck Burn is always bad. I use warm water for my Shaves.
  11. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    I can use a hot or cold water shave and get the same shave with both. However, when I use a cold water shave I still use warm lather in a scuttle.
  12. I have a gas tankless hot water heater that I keep set at 114° So hot is just a little over warm for me.

    Automatic dishwasher and the washing machine both have water heaters built in so they don't need uber hot water as they will even take cold water and run it up to the temp needed to function.

    Have the hot water heater set so that a full on hot shower is a nice temp in winter.
  13. Cold shaves seem to bring out irritation faster and to a greater extent. Plus I love the feel of a hot towel on my face.
  14. JM


    Some would disagree. Everyone is different. Cold water for me.
  15. At least now you know what works for you, so stick with it. You could always try adding just a bit of hot water to your shave and seeing if that might work. If it causes any irritation at all, at least you'll have found out that for you its got to be cold.
  16. Yes, of course you're right. I should have said, "for me...."

  17. Are you prepping with hot water or with cold? I enjoy cold water shaves in spring/summer/fall, but I still prep with a hot shower, then about a minute of cold water wash cloth before the shave. Even 15-20 seconds with a cold wash cloth the cold lather/razor/blade gets you 80-90% of the benefits of minutes of cold application.

    Cold water takes much much longer to soften the beard than hot water... If you are not a "shower first" kind of guy, I (personally) wouldn't want to try to prep with cold water alone. (I've had to do that before when camping, it wasn't a pleasant shave at all)
  18. I'm a cold water shaver and mostly face lather. However, I occasionally enjoy warm lather in my scuttle. I have never agreed with the prolonged hot towel prep. Mantec and Geofatboy are not right about everything.
  19. JM


    I used cold water all winter but stayed away from shaving soap with menthol.
  20. Warm, not hot! But if cold works for you, stick with it.

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