Nervous about trying a Feather again

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  1. I've been using Astra Superior Platinums for what seems like two years now.

    I tried a Feather blade once, about two years ago from memory. I must've pushed down while I was shaving. I had a delayed reaction of raw pain all over my face after the shave. I had to put an after shave balm on to help relieve the pain.

    Now I have more experience with shaving I'm wondering if I should try a Feather again. If I do I'll leave it for a couple of weeks as I have exams starting next week. I do remember the blade I tried seemed to cut through my beard very smoothly.

    The last time I used my Merkur HD but if I do try it again I'll put it in my Merkur Progress and make sure it's dialled down for a less aggressive shave. As I was newbie when I last tried a Feather I'm hoping the years of experience together with my face being more used to DE shaving will make for a more successful attempt should I go ahead with another Feather blade.
  2. the lord hates a coward as they say... the only thing you have to lose is a little blood:tongue_sm
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    I started with Feathers, but fell in love with Astras. If I do use a Feather, it's on a Saturday or Sunday, because I need the extra time to be ultra-careful and patient. You may want to try a Feather in a different razor. Oddly, I find that a Feather after two shaves is perfect, but after three shaves, it's done.
  4. I wish you the best of luck with your retrials! I'm sure that with the added experience of time and a little application of caution, you will have a different experience with the feathers. Perhaps you will still find that you don't enjoy them, but for different reasons. Hopefully you will enjoy the shave.
  5. In my experience ones technique is more important than which blade your using. I've been using DE razors for so long at this point I can pretty much use any blade and get a DFS without any nicks or cuts. Since you have more experience now I say go for the Feathers again. You'll most likely have a very different experience this time through.
  6. Certainly when I first tried the Astra blades I had a bad time with nicks. I've now used Astra blades for about two years now so maybe I am ready to try a Feather again. I'll wait until after my exams, which finish on the 19th of June.

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  7. light touch is all thats needed :001_rolle
  8. I am the opposite. Dull blades make me nervous, not the sharp ones.

    From my limited experience, if you shave with a Feather like you do with an Astra you get cut. If you shave with an Astra like you do with a Feather you will be OK. Like everyone else is suggesting here, go light on the pressure and grab the razor with the tip of your fingers.
    Also if you plan using an adjustable leave it half way. The lack of aggression might make you push it too hard.
    Feathers do not give you the same feedback as Astras.
    Light touch indeed.
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  9. I waited 6 months after returning to DE shaving to try the Feather and had no problems. I have other quite sharp blades so knew to take it easy which I did. Like was said above, don't press down too much, just go light as a "feather" at first until you get the feel of the blade.
  10. I use a Feather in my 37C at the moment (Astras on order!) and it's just the smoothest combination for me. Almost like it's wiping away hairs rather than cutting them off...
  11. I found feathers much smoother than astras. Definately try em again.
  12. Try it if you must. But I assure you there are many, many other blades out there that are more than one dimensional. Smooth, sharp, and longevity all in one. Such blades exist so look out for them:)
  13. Feathers aren't worth my time. I went through two packs, and that was plenty.

    Too many negatives, not enough positives.
  14. Go for it! The feather is my fav!
  15. Slow and steady, and you should be ok!
  16. +1. I just did the opposite and gave an Astra a try after using only feathers for some time. I keep reading so many recommendations I figured I must have missed something first round. I could definitely feel the difference in the sharpness, not a bad shave but nothing to rave about. I am back to using feathers.
  17. I think the OP might reflect this, I think that Feathers ARE sharper, I just think that Astras are 1. smoother and 2. because of that they are more forgiving on some pressure/technique issues. Feathers are a bit sharper and harsher and they sometimes give me razor burn regardless, but they aren't nearly as forgiving.
  18. After the nick I gave myself with an Astra blade recently I might hold off on trying a Feather. I'll try to improve on my technique before I consider it.
  19. In my 6th month of DE shaving, I just re-tried a Feather (having used it just once before). Five months ago it gave me one very harsh shave, one good shave, and then was finished. This time shave #1 and #2--all I've done so far--have been very smooth and nice, with virtually no post-shave sting at all from alum block. This is a tribute to all the B&B community's advice. Even so, I'll stick with my rotation that ranges all the way from my mainstays of Russian Perma-Sharp Supers and Gillette Yellows, with occasional Turkish Bluebirds and Derby's thrown in the mix. They're working great for me, and--as I purchased the Perms and Yellows in large bulk--are much cheaper.
  20. I'm also about six months into DE shaving. I tried a Feather in my first few months and it was a blood bath. I attributed that to my lack of experience and this being an unforgiving blade. After a few months (and, coincidentally, also having settled on the Astras as my regular blade) I gave it another shot. While it did not result in the B-movie gore of the first try, I still had some nicks and ended up with razor burn. I'm still willing to say it could be user error and if I still have a Feather on hand in another six months, I'll probably give it another shot. Right now the only blade I like anywhere near as much as the Astra Platinum has been the Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (blue label.)

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