Need advice about Razorock creams, Prep cream

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Oblique Human, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. I'm about to order some Razorock creams from ItalianBarber. I know he offers it in different scents but was wondering if there was any difference between the creams performance-wise. I have currently these in the cart:

    La Famiglia Shaving Soap, Nonno Michelino Sandalwood

    La Famiglia Shaving Soap, Don Marco Bergamot Neroli



    Has anyone tried Prep shave cream in a bowl? How did it perform?
  2. I have Fresco and the LaFam soaps. They are all pretty good. I'd say LaFam has an edge in skin care and slickness, though. Fresco is very nice, too, just slightly less so. Very slightly.
  3. Fresco is a very soft soap...more of a cream. The LaFam soaps are more of a soft soap along the lines of the RR artisan line. As an example, you could scoop a little Fresco out with your finger and either place it in the brush bristles or into a bowl to lather. If you try with with a LaFam, you will have a lump of soap that dissolves very slowly. You really need to load it like a proper soap.

    Edited to add - They all perform excellently and I don't think you'll be disappointed with either.
  4. With regard to the La Famiglia I have the Don Marco in my rotation. I also have the matching Balm and really enjoy it, same scent and it has a bit of mental.I think they nicely complement each other. Hope that helps.

    I'm also curious about the Prep cream's performance.
  5. Prep is solid. Similar scent to the Proraso Green tub, and a little firmer in texture. A worthy addition at $8 (Italian Barber).
  6. This has helped me make up my mind about the purchase. Thank you so much everyone, you have all been extremely helpful with your replies.
  7. XXX.
    That's all you will ever need. Nothing else beats it.
  8. My all time favourite in the "non straightforward" scent section. It smells so nice
  9. +1- a really terriffic product!
  10. I used the aforementioned Fresco this morning, had one of those effortless shaves where everything goes right.
  11. i have a tub of fresco that i've used twice and didn't care for compared to my other options. if anyone wants to trade for it, pm me. i'm looking to test palmolive classic, arko, new emj,, drh arlington or aos.

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