Need a good source for 90% C3H7OH (rubbing alcohol)

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  1. Most of the isopropyl alcohol that you see in stores is 70% concentration. Occasionally you will find the 90% concentration, and I usually buy a bottle or two when I find the 90%.

    However, I am running low on my 90% and have been looking to resupply. I have checked Wally World, Target, CVS, Walgreen, grocery stores, etc. but have not found any 90%. Is it still being sold? Have you seen any for sale anywhere lately? If you know of a vendor who regularly stocks it, please let me know where you last found it.

  2. Rite-Aid in my area carries it.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, but the nearest Rite-Aid to me is in Montgomery, AL which is 60 miles away.

  4. The bottle I have, had to have been purchased at one of the stores you mentioned. But it's been a couple years.
  5. That's been my experience too. I think I last found it in Wally World, but it was a couple of years ago. That's the reason I stock up when I find it, you never know when you will find it again.

  6. If you're using it to clean razors, I believe the 70% version is actually MORE effective than the 90% version.
  7. My wife finds it on occasion at Publix. She uses it to make the scented fuel for her scent wicks or what ever they are called. You burn the wick for dbout 5 minutes then blow it out. Smells up the room for a couple of hours.
  8. Maybe this is a US regulation issue of some sort. In Canada we have it as an option at the grocery store, not to mention drug stores.

    I prefer 70%, so I don't really care either way, but out of interest, how is 70% more effective than 90%, more/stronger = better, right?
  9. I don't know why 70% would be more effective than 90%, you are just getting 20% more water with the 70%. You need a minimum concentration of 40% for antiseptic use. It seems to me that 90% would be better for cleaning anything where you were looking for antiseptic quality.

  10. 70% is better than 90% for killing stuff.
  11. Check the price difference on the 90% and the 70% and see how much you are paying for the extra water.
  12. We do have a Publix, but I rarely do the grocery shopping. My wife goes to Publix for certain items (mostly bread). I will get her to check and see if the local store has the 90% next shopping trip.

  13. 70% is judged as the optimum strength for bactericidal action. Less than 70% has less killing action and more than 70% may dehydrate the bugs without killing them. :)
  14. More than 75% alcohol evaporates before it has a chance to dehydrate the bugs. In labs, they tend to use 50% bleach, 70-75% alcohol, or UV light to clean the bench tops.
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  15. Yep - I only use 91% for water displacement, not sanitation.
  16. Well I will save my money! 70% it will be. I guess my medical friend who recommended that I get 90% didn't know what she was talking about!
  17. Which reminds me of a funny story, a friend flew model airplanes. He had a friend who raced cars, and used alcohol for fuel in the race cars. My model airplane friend wanted some "fuel grade" alcohol to make model airplane fuel (mix it with castor oil). His racing friend sent him a 55 GALLON DRUM of fuel alcohol! Now 55 gallons of model airplane fuel is a LOT of fuel. Long before he could use up the alcohol making model fuel, it had absorbed so much water it had become unusable. Boy, was he torqued! All that alcohol ruined.

  18. i've seen it, as well as even stronger. in canada, SDM and WalMart carry it, but you have to ask the pharmacist and they just want to make sure you aren't not a delinquent and gonna drink it.

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