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  1. Hi All,

    I'm having some problems nicking my neck near the bottom and I'm not sure why. I'm in my second month of going back to a DE and I was nicking myself frequently when I first started but got better at it but lately (past week) I've been nicking myself around the skin creases at the bottom of the neck. I'm using a Merkur HD with Astra stainless steal blade (one blade a week and this is week 5), and I've been playing with a variety of shaving soap samples. I think my angle is ok but still need some fine tuning. I'm right handed and most of the nicks are on the left (but not always). I typically shave with the grain on the first pass, across the grain on the second pass, and against the grain on the third pass. I seem to nick myself on all three passes. Any ideas? What should I be looking at? Thanks.
  2. Are you sure your problem is getting nicks? Or maybe weepers? Is the bleeding cause by slicing of skin or just cutting the trapped hair?
    In my opinion neck shaving problems can be caused by trapped hair. Try exfoliating the neck by using a facial scrub cream and see how it goes.

    There will be some debate regarding the definition of nick, cut, weeper and so on. I only asked the first question since you said you only have two months of DE shaving.
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    My advice is to be careful that you are using the correct angle and no pressure.
  4. +1: stretch out the skin till it's smooth and taught.

  5. Nicks, weepers, not sure. I feel the cut when it happens and get some bleeding, not much, but after I wash my face off with cold water they usually stop. Occasionally after AS has been applied if its still bleeding I'll use a septic stick and that takes care of it. I hadn't thought of trapped hair but I am getting razor burn there. I learned what razor burns really were just the other day. Could be I'm cutting the bump. I've been exfoliating my face but now that you mention it, I think I've been missing my neck. I'll have to scrub better and with a 3 day weekend coming up I could probably give my face a day or to to heal before I shave again. Thanks. :001_smile
  6. LOL!!! Always working on that. The right side isn't bad but when I switch to my left hand for the left side, well, lets say I still need some practice. :lol:
  7. Hi Tommy. I'm stretching my skin downwards but I'm still cutting myself. I'll tilt my head back a bit but I haven't tried rotating it yet.
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    Yeah, you'll get it with practice.
  9. For me, 'neck nicking' is the result of me not shaving with the direction of the hair growth in that area. (meaning, shaving to quick and maybe too much presure ... not that I have ever done that.) YMMV
  10. Actually, I'm trying to shave the left side with my left hand (I'm right handed). I thought I might be easier to keep the angle the same. I'll check the pressure too, I try not to apply any.
  11. Thanks, I was wondering about that as well but I'm even cutting myself going with the grain. My speed of shaving has picked up some so I'm shaving a little faster but when I get to that part of the neck I go slow.
  12. Agreed!
  13. You may find you have a better go of it if you don't switch hands. I'm a lefty, and my right hand never touches my razor. There would be songs about the resulting bloodbath if it did.
  14. I've nicked my adam's apple in the past, which resulted in a fairly decent bleed. It wasn't so much due to bad technique, it had more to do with concentration around taht rough terrain area. I'm always über careful around that area now.

  15. Not much to add... but I'm actually having the same problem. Except it is weepers, not nicks... Only I'm 3 years into DE and SE shaving and this problem is new the last two weeks. :-? I'm actually currently using the same exact combo as you, and also getting weepers on the left side of my neck. Also doing the same three passes as you. Only difference being that I'm left handed, and I use my left hand on the left side of my face and my right hand on the right side of my face.

    It's pretty curious to me, as I haven't (as far as I can tell) made any changes to my technique, and I haven't had this problem in the past - no matter what combo of razors and blades that I use. :-/
  16. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what type of razor I use (cart, DE, injector) if I go against the grain on my Adam's apple, it's going to be a bloody mess. So I'll stick to a two pass WTG.
  17. I've only been DE shaving for a little over a month but I had a similar problem. I would always nicked myself on the lower neck, or beside my adam's apple. I switched to a 3 pass WTG on all 3 passes, stretch the skin really good and switched to cold water for my shaves. The cold water relieves my skin irritation so no more bumps, no more nicks. It's not BBS, yet, but I do a few touch ups and it's 100x better than my M3 ever was.

    Using a DE89L w/Astra SP.

  18. LOL!!! Love the signature!!! Wish Old Spice never changed formula though. I'm also on the look out for a new scent(s). I'll try just shaving with the right hand. It feels more comfortable that way and feels like I have more control over the razor.
  19. I went slow and very light this morning. Seemed to help a bit. I also only did 2 passes in that area, both with grain. Less razor burn there too.
  20. I'm also beginning to think it might be the blade. Might not be a good one. I'll swap it out and see what happens.

    I've changed up my passes as well and am noticing less razor burn. Actually did 4 passes this morning (only 2 on the neck) and the last pass was with the grain. Kissed the wife goodby while heading out the door and she mentioned my face was very smooth. Hasn't said that in a while. :001_smile

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