Natural Bristle/Handle Toothbrushes?

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Natural Bristle/Handle Toothbrushes?

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  1. Hello all!

    I'm interested in what y'all think of natural bristle (boar or badger) toothbrushes with natural handles (wood):
    Squeaky Monroe:

    I'm NOT interested in information on SWISSCO toothbrushes. I bought one from ClassicShaving and that brush, even though it works well, leaves behind at least three-hairs each time I brush. :a47:

    More information on natural bristle toothbrushes can be found here:

    ~Tim :wink2:
  2. Nice subject. I wanted to try these and actually have a few bone handle ones I have yet to use. Looks like I need to stay away from the Classic Shaving version.

  3. Neither the wife or I are real happy with our Swissco brushes from
  4. Here's some more information:

    I think I'll go for the one from Caswell-Massey. I'll also put in an order for some Tom's of Maine toothpaste, mouthwash and Dr. Tung's Smart Floss, as well as a Floss-Boss flosser!

    Bytheway, once I get in my Tom's toothpaste, I'll likely be putting up my Marvis toothpaste tubes for sale, if anyone's interested.

    ~Tim :cool:
  5. I've used natural and synthetic and honestly I don't see the difference except in price. They both get the job done so I go with the cheaper one - synthetic.

  6. I use a Kent Classic toothbrush which looks great in the bathroom. It's probably not worth the £11 or so but most of the luxury shaving gear we all enjoy isn't cheap.

    It cleans the teeth and looks far better than the plastic ones so i'll stick with the bristle.
  7. I just tried my fuchs bristle toothbrush today, it was very nice. I wasn't expecting much from it, but it was very scrubby. With this thing, you know your teeth are getting cleaned.
  8. According to the reviews I have seen, the Number One toothbrush is the Oral-B CrossAction Vitalizer; the Number One toothpaste is Colgate Total; the Number One floss is Crest Glide Deep Clean.

    ~Tim :cool:
  9. Wow! I have been looking for these all over! Thank you!
  10. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Edental sells swissco brand!

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