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  1. A couple years ago I ordered some Nancy Boy shaving cream after seeing a great review on the shaveblog website. So I got over the name and ordered some. It was very good. But what I enjoyed even more was the sample of cucumber smelling aftershave balm they threw in. Using as little as you really need, and having a selection including Skin Food, Musgo Real, Proraso and Baxter of Calif., it actually lasted awhile. I finally got around to ordering more during the harsh upstate NY winters we get, and I think I need to rank it as the best moisturizing balm I have. I use it if I do a "full shave" of at least two passes, close as hell, following some Kiehl's blue herbal astringent and a cold water rinse. By the time I come home from the office, my face is still not dried out.

    Fantastic stuff. And, for the record, I have skin very prone to irritation and drying in the winter.
  2. I am also a big fan of many of the Nancy Boy products, as are a lot of the members here.
  3. Nancy Boy products are top shelf. I never understood the problem with the name.
  4. Just got my first order from them yesterday. Bought the signature shave cream and the signature cooling gel. Looking forward to using them(no shave this AM). They also threw in a full bar of soap. That is always a nice surprise.
  5. Great company with great products. I've used a lot of their stuff and some was purchased blind using only their description as a guide. They all performed as advertised and I've never felt disappointed with any purchase. If you have not tired their products consider them in the future.
  6. Maybe they were trying to tell you something?? :lol: Just kidding! That was rather generous.
  7. I have the shaving cream and cooling gel coming my way, looking forward to try them.
  8. i enjoyed my first shave today with the cucumber scented shaving cream. Also i must agree the cucumber after shave balm is nothing short of phenomenal.. i really enjoy its scent too
  9. I must say i was unimpressed with propylene glycol and grapefruit seed extract in the list of ingrediants, i just noticed them :(

    and i was all happy about this bieng so great despite it bieng "so natural" .. Le sigh..''

    Despite the above i stand by my comment on how it performs
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but is there a known issue or problem with those two ingredients? Just curious. I've had Nancy Boy on my list of products to try for awhile now.
  11. depends on the lifestyle you lead i suppose . if you are into avoiding parabens , BPA, pesticides etc / lead a "holistic" lifestyle and are trying to avoid synthetics then other options are available imo. for example, GSE is not as natural as it seems, it can contain traces of triclosan, parabens, benzalkonium chloride. Studies have shown it is these very contaminants that give the GSE its anti bacterial properties.

    propylene Glycol is a known irritant and a penetration enhancer, and its been linked to cancer in lab tests.

    Again my choice to avoid these ingredients is a personal one. do a google search im sure you can find some good research that will help you decide :)

    I will most certainly enjoy this ASB tester bottle, it feels amazing but sadly will not repurchase it

    I still strongly encourage you to try the products, clearly i still did.. :)


    with regards to propylene glycol. tests show it MAY be linked to cancer

    EDIT 2:

    i just realized all i have been talking about is that it is a potential carcinogen.. my apologies . I merely meant it may be linked to "various health issues" (see post below for details)
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  12. I don't want to argue about your personal choices, but this statement about propylene glycol being linked to cancer is not true, and you shouldn't post it in places like this. Link to the facts.
  13. Well i disagree about the not true part but that's not the point. I have edited my post. i suppose my wording was a little too direct as its not 100% conclusive. I do apologize for that.

    at the end of the day though i strongly recommend trying NB's Fine product line.. as i clearly have !

    Cheers :)
  14. Bacon is linked to cancer. I'll take my chances.
    BTW - Really love the NB products I've used - IMO of the highest quality.
  15. ++1
  16. While I still have no problem with your personal choices, your edits are no closer to the truth about propylene glycol. Because it's generally regarded as safe, there haven't been many studies of its carcinogenicity, but there have been a few, and ALL of them are negative.

    Source link

    5.7 Carcinogenicity
    Rat 104 wk , oral, feed; Negative (up to 50000 ppm in diet)

    Mouse 2x/wk, lifetime; dermal; Negative (approx. 2, 10, and 21 mg/animal per application
    Rat 3x/wk, 10-14 mo; dermal; Negative (ear painting study in which PG was used as a test vehicle)

    4.1.5 Carcinogenicity
    The carcinogenic potential of propylene glycol has been investigated in two long term feeding studies (see section 4.1.3 for details of study design). No increase in tumors was recorded in rats receiving the equivalent of 1700 (males) or 2100 (females) mg/kg bw/d over two years (Gaunt et al.,1972). Tumor incidences were also unchanged in male and female Beagle dogs ingesting 20% propylene glycol in diet (equivalent to 5000 mg/kg bw/day), again over two years (Weil et al., 1971). Although the treatment regime used in the latter study was inconsistent with current dietary guidelines (i.e., exceeded 5% in feed), inclusion of an appropriate caloric control group, together with extensive reporting of findings, suggests that these findings are reliable and suitable for hazard evaluation.
    Skin painting studies with propylene glycol have shown no increase in dermal tumors in female mice after chronic treatment with 2, 10 or 21 mg/day over a lifetime (Stenbeck and Shubik, 1974). In a non-standard investigation, Wallenius and Lekholm (1973) used propylene glycol as vehicle (dose not specified) in an ear painting study in rats. No tumors were apparent by visual or microscopic examination after 10-14 months treatment. There is no evidence to suggest that propylene glycol has any carcinogenic potential.

    P.S. I'm not bashing here, but it's important not to make false assertions about the safety of an ingredient found in thousands of aftershaves, balms, creams and soaps that are in wide use by our membership. The link I posted above contains reams of solid data about the safety of propylene glycol in every direction (sensitivity, toxicity, etc). If you can cite a reliable study that shows it MAY be carcinogenic, please post the link. Otherwise, please don't say such things, even if you proceed to recommend the product that contains the substance in question.
  17. Sir I do appreciate the time you have taken to make this post. Just to clarify not all my information can be readily posted as i have read articles and such in the past, in health journals and other sources, which is where some of my opinion comes from. Should i not have a link readily available i still believe i am entitled to my opinion. Having said that, i am unable to find the particular study in mind online regarding Cancer particularly.. and i just noticed that i specifically only mentioned "cancer" in this case, which is not the only thing that concerned me regarding this chemical. So for that confusion i apologize and will Re-Edit to reflect this. The study i am posting below does not point out its carcinogenicity, but rather a whole myriad of other things..which supports my whole notion of "avoid if you can" , which again does not apply to all :)

    Propylene Glycol-More Health Concerns

    Another common ingredient in many beauty creams, cleansers, makeup, and other cosmetics is propylene glycol. This chemical is used in industry as anti-freeze, airplane de-icer, and brake fluid. It is also used in thousands of cosmetic preparations as a delivery vehicle and solvent.
    When you purchase a drum of propylene glycol from a supplier, that supplier is required to furnish an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). The MSDS for propylene glycol says "Avoid skin contact." We are amazed to find this same product in most skin creams on the market.
    Recent findings indicate that propylene glycol has severe adverse health effects, and has been found to cause contact dermatitis, ototoxicity, kidney damage, and liver abnormalities in various clinical human and animal studies. The effects of propylene glycol are clearly more than skin deep. Propylene glycol has shown measurable toxicity to human cells in culture(16). It has been shown to inhibit skin cell growth in human tests,(17) and cell respiration in animal tests. When tested in guinea pigs and chinchillas, eardrops containing propylene glycol caused irreversible deafness, tissue and bone degradation, and morphological changes to the middle ear(18,19). Propylene glycol caused mytotoxic (skeletal muscular damage) effects in rats(20,21) and rabbits(22). PG is reported to directly alter cell membranes, to cause contact allergies and dermatitis(24), to cause skin thickening(25) and skin dehydration and chronic surface damage(26).
    Propylene glyco poisoning has been reported to induce seizures in epileptics(27,28) and cardiorespiratory arrest(28,29). One study "advise(s) caution when propylene glycol is employed as a vehicle in clinical use"(30). In another study on PG ingestion in cats, researchers reported encephalopathy, depression. and ataxia. The similarities of PG absorption in cats and humans was noted, and the report stated: "These findings are significant not only for animals ingesting diets which contain propylene glycol, but for humans who receive propylene glycol-containing medications"(31)"

    The above research was done by "David L. Kern" a Polyphenols Research Analyst. link to the study can be found below where you can find the footnotes to his claims

    Again, just because the ingredient is found in thousands of products doesn't mean its ideal or fully understood IMO, that's my point i suppose. For example, The Neurotoxin Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is found in almost all processed foods that most the population consumes.. but thats getting waaaay off topic :)

    In Closing, and to get back on topic.. I REALLY love the NB products ive tried so far despite the above :)

    PS: no bashing from here as well friend, i appreciate a good respectful discussion. Thank you once again for the informative post, that also cleaned up my initial post.
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