Name your favorite non-protein powder supplement!

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  1. As the title says, name your favorite non-protein powder supplement!
  2. I don't really use anything else but whey. So, I gotta say that I like the fish-oil supplements. Looking to try creatine again after not using for 9 years when I begin a 'bulk'.
  3. beta alanine

  4. I hope that was a joke, hehe.
  5. Fish Oil.
  6. PRObiotic 225 by ortho molecular. All health begin in the gut.
  7. Beer.
  8. Glucosamine
  9. +1 Very essential. I would add Arginine and Creatine.
  10. How would one think that was a joke? EC is the cheapest, legit, and legal fat burner known to man.

    I'm currently a huge fan of beta alanine. Also very inexpensive in bulk form, scientifically proven, and it can be a huge benefit during certain training days.

    Creatine has been such a staple for me for so long, that I did not include it in this thread. Ephedrine has been a long term staple as well, but I cycle it, most people don't realize that it is still legal without a prescription, and people still pay WAY too much money for fat burners that contain a kitchen sink of underdosed, anecdotal (at best) ingredients. EC works, and as a person who likes stimulants a little too much as it is, I felt I should include it.
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    All I use is Manitoba's Harvest Hemp protein, easily digestible and you get the Omegas as well. I'd say the best non-protein supplement would be a green powder.
  12. Please keep a close eye on your blood pressure, even if you are doing a full ECA stack. I heard of doing only EC, but when I was working out seriously 10 years ago, it was always ECA to help counteract some of the cardio sides of the ephedrine.

    For me, I used creatine for a few months, but the water retention was problematic and the "pump" frequently painful... got a few stretch marks on my biceps.
    Other than that, the only thing that I used other than some ECA experimentation was a shot of Glutamine with my protein shakes.
  13. The aspirin in ECA has little to do with cardiovascular sides effects. Studies show that aspirin increases the lipo/fat bruning effects of ephedrine, and a lot of people these days simply ditch the aspirin all together.

    Also, the extreme water retention side effects of creatine has been debunked over and over again. I honestly doubt stretchmarks on your biceps has much to do with taking creatine. I started getting them on the back of my armpits in high school from swimming before I took anything or was even lifting regularly. It's hard to think of a single supplement with more positive research behind it than creatine mono.
  14. Oh I'm not opposed to creatine at all. Read a lot of horror stories that were obviously the results of someone attempting to hide the use of other "products"

    But for me, at the level I was working, I don't feel that it was needed or really beneficial. The intense pumps that I got were absolutely due to it, as an identical workout with no supplement for 48 hours but the same hydration would not produce the same feeling. That's what I was referring to with the water retention... not the "bloating" that some speak of... just a very intense pump.
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    BCAAs. CELL KEM by Evogen in particular.
  16. The above is QFT.

    Personally I just do cheap fish oil, cheap multivitamin, and whey.
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    I love my stretch marks, just means I'm getting bigger :lol:

    The water retention that everyone was/is so worried about is true. That is the job of creatine, to shuttle water to the muscle not subcutaneous. Personally I switched from mono to creatine hcl a few months back and hands down it is much better.
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    Creatine give no "pump." Maybe creatine was in a preworkout that gave those pumps but creatine alone doesn't do that.
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    IMO DNP is a much stronger fat burner. Ran it for a month and good lord, that was hard but it shredded my back fat with a few more things to help the stack. DNP is legit.
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