Nakayama Kiita Stones

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  1. Is there interest in Nakayama Kiita stones? They're very fine, natural Japanese stones. Unlike Asagi stones, they're fast and give some feedback. I didn't list this in the B/S/T because Nakayama stones aren't for everyone. You have to be a dedicated straight razor user because they're expensive.

    I know a 17th generation dealer/miner in Japan and I asked him for high quality Kiita stones. I bought one stone, which I will test once it arrives. If it's good, perhaps more of you could buy.
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  2. I'd love to get one, but like you said, they're expensive. Hopefully in a year or so when I've been out of college :tongue_sm
  3. i send pm
  4. What's the difference between Asagi and Kita?
  5. Besides what I said above, Kiitas work with more metals. That makes them easier to use.
  6. I'm interested, but I'll need to see more on the product and the cost before committing.
  7. I can imagine how this conversation would go with SWMBO:

    her: what's that?
    me: uhh, it's a nakayama kiita stone.
    her: you mean a rock?
    me: uhh, it came from a mountain. Nakayama means center of mountain :tongue_sm
    her: how much did it cost?
    me: uhh, about 700 dollars
    her: 700 dollars!?
  8. Oh, no! I wouldn't offer anything that expensive. Prices will be $150-$350, depending on quality and size.
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  9. 350 is a great deal for a nakayama stone. People should jump on a deal like that.
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    Yes, much interest here. But you knew that!
  11. +1 on the good price. I already have a couple, but if I didn't I'd jump on this. If you get a good one, hold on to it.
  12. When you talk newly mined stones and Japanese stones in the same breath you have to be careful.

    My understanding is that the classic locations where the truly highly prized stones were mined were mined out a very long time ago.

    maybe new locations? I don't know. maybe lesser quality? I don't know either.

    However keep us informed. many of us may be interested.
  13. These aren't newly mined stones because the Nakayama mine closed in 1967. They're from 50+ years ago.
  14. So can Kita hones be used as final polishers as well? How do the edges compare? Before buying one I would like to know.
  15. I may be interested. I've heard very good things about them.
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  17. 40,000 grit? Wowza!
  18. I dont think I could ever justify the price, but very impressive!
  19. Definitely interested! I look forward to hearing more...
  20. I'm interested also. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

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