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  1. Recently Ordered some Mystic Water, The Bay Rum shave soap and 3 bath soap bars; Bay Rum, Morning mint and sandalwood. I have to say I have always been a fan of Handmade soaps and since Mystic Water is Local to me I wanted to try her soap even more. I know we both live in Maryland but It arrived the Next morning.. she must have shipped it right after I ordered it haha , as soon as I opened the package I knew I would enjoy the scents. The Bay Rum shaving soap is one of the best Bay Rum's I have ever smelled ( I nicknamed it panty droppin Bay rum... and for good reason hehe). It Lathered pretty good and the shave was great... it let my Gillette tech glide really smoothly. It left my face feeling great kind of like that I just shaved.... my face is clean, smells good and feels smooth and tight feeling if you know what I mean. I do have to say though, my Girlfriend doesn't usually like the scents I like, but after I shaved and told her I tried some new soap, she kept complimenting the way it smelled and getting closer to my face... seriously it was like a commercial for axe except it actually smells good and would actually happen haha.. anyway I have a few more shave's to do before I judge to quickly. But so Far I really like it.
  2. Mystic Water is a great soap. Michelle provides top notch customer service, and responds to questions quickly. Her soaps are great performers, and she has some of the best scents available. I do enjoy her Bay Rum, but my favorite is Sandalwood Rose, closely followed by Vanilla Sandalwood and Sardinian Honey. Her bath soaps and shampoo soap are also winners. Enjoy.
  3. thank you, I will be ordering more
  4. Wow that is quite the testimonial! Glad to see Michelle get more business, her soap scents are the best and (for me) the lather is superb. Adirondack Jack is my favorite and I'm just about to crack open a tub of Irish Traveler.
  5. Irish Traveler is fantastic! One of my favorite scented soaps.
  6. Excellent!

    I used her Rosalimone shave soap this morning. It's an outstanding soap and I love the scent.
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    Last year I finally got around to trying Mystic Waters soaps. I'm an old fogie so don't tell me I'm late for the party. At my age you are lucky to get to the party at all! :lol:

    I had been using DR Harris soaps as my go to soaps for the last 7 years and I could not believe that anything would top them for me. I was wrong, very wrong.

    The quality of the glide with these soaps is comparable to that of the Hydrolast products as I remember them but without the hassle. For me the glide is essential as it makes the last cleanup with only adding more water to the face possible and effortless. This is the key to a splendid shave IMHO.

    After the first shock of the performance comes the scent. I'm no good at describing scents but they are very complex and intriguing. No pale and hardly recognizable scents here as the triple milled soaps seem to be doomed to.

    My only problem with Michelles soaps is that my friends and now my son seem to have taken a liking to them. I have solved the problem by ordering more from Michelle! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. And which scents did you purchase?

  9. bosseb

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    In my rotation now:

    Lily of the Valley
    Prospect Creek

    The others I bought were:

    Tea Tree & Blue gum
    Vanilla Sandalwood
    Viola di Bosco
    Pumpkin Spice
    Maestrale and
    Bay Rum
    Wild Lavender x2

    A few of these have been hijacked by friends and my son but the majority I have in my den.

    Mind you I do not consider this hoarding, I see it as 'strategic acquisitions' because of the imminent Shave apocalypse. I don't feel well without at least one years supply of my favorite soaps at any given time. Not after they discontinued the P160 I don't...

    Don't say I did not warn you :laugh: !
  10. Shave apocalypse...nice!!
    How about sending some for me? :001_rolle

  11. Got sent a my first ever sample of MW "Bay Rum" with a brush yesterday and gave it a run today.
    The scent for me was nothing like any Bay Rum I have ever tried. A very faint and pleasant scent but for me no BR at all YMMV.
    In terms of lather I made a slightly sloppy mix compared to other soaps but I just rtan with it. Fatboy set on 9 :001_rolle
    Wow ! It was one of those "did I forget to put the blade in deals" just a super slick surface to shave on. I probably could have done a better job of the lather with more practice but hey 3 passes, sweet shave, no irritation of any sort.
    Top stuff IMO. Perhaps the sample had lost its scent not that it was unpleasant at all just light and not BR.
  12. Glad to see alot of other people like it! as for the scent mine was like A sweet smelling bay Rum, the first 2 shave's the Sent lasted several hours, but I noticed it is fading slightly. I have found that I get a better lather with more product and face lathering, I am still working on finding out its bowl lathering secrets :001_smile I have also found that it is the best soap that I own to use a feather with. I got my best combo last night with my slim adjustable with a feather set with maximum blade exposure. topped off with an alum block and captains choice, It provided a nice mix of bay rum scent, sweet and spicy
  13. Three scents are at this moment in transit to my house.

    - Sardinian Honey
    - Adirondack Jack
    - Maestrale

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