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  1. Recently Michelle sent me some of her new shaving soap to do a review on( I have no affiliation to the maker, company, or product). The soap is bayrum scented and smells lovely. However this is not your normal spicy bay rum its alot smoother and crisp smelling. The smell reminds me of gingerbread cookies, which is perfect for this time of year. [​IMG][/URL]

    This soap is a soft soap or a semi hard cream. I find it to be softer than vitos and very malleable and sticks well to the bottom of a bowl or cup. This soap is also a Tallow based soap made with the fat from grass fed beef. I used a vulfix 404 with as much water as i always start with just very damp and begin to load like i do with almost always do. I did about 40 swirls and face lathered with it.

    The lather this soap makes is spot on in many ways. The first way is that it is very slick and has a good glide to it, but even though it is slick it still had cushion. To me it was about as good a combination of the two you can get. The next good thing about the lather is that it did not dry out fast like some others. I had this lather on my face way longer than i would if i was shaving. I took about 20 crappy pictures before i got these 3 good ones below. It also moisturized my skin to really well. I think we have a new product that will become a b&b favorite for many, esp those who are big fans of tallow based products.[​IMG]

    The ingredients are as follows: Tallow,Water,castor seed oil, potassium hydroxide, shea fruit, avocado oil, palm oil, glycerin, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, stearic acid, aloe vera leaf juice, bentonite, wheat protein, silk.[​IMG]
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  3. I just received my sample in the mail today. I will give my review tonight. Smells great though!
  4. Yes it does. I love it. Its different from any bayrum I have ever smelled.
  5. The smell grows on you! I think after use the smell got even better but then again maybe I'm losing my mind. Lathers like a dream. It will be a staple in my lineup for a very long time to come. I have most of the ingrediants individually. I am trying to do my best to describe the scent properly. If you want a Christmas type scent this would be a good one. As with any bayrum aftershave I use and I have several. None of the ones I have smell alike and thier uniqueness make them attributes I like. I would same the same about Michele's soap. It has a bay smell all to its own and that is something I consider a good thing.
  6. Never tried the Bay Rum but I am using the unscented, as I was a beta-tester. Used it again this morning.
    Really a great tallow-based soap. The lather is rich, creamy, and stable. The face feel after the shave is second to none, in my opinion. Can't go wrong with Mystic Waters shaving soap.
  7. Beta tester here too.
    Kingfisher does the unscented have a smell to it at all? Face feel is correct I found it very moisturizing.
  8. Morning all! I got mine last week and its the unscented. This stuff is pretty freaking amazing. The lather is almost like a uber lather consistency. I had an amazing shave with it. Im from MD myself and im proud to say there is artisan shaving soap from MD woohoo! Everyone owes themselves to try this out and this stuff lathers very easily!
  9. My unscented sample is a better performer than the Mystic Soap "Irish Tweed" I purchased in December 2010. When I ordered the Irish Tweed, Michelle was very honest in telling me she wasn't finished tweaking it yet, but I bought it anyway as I was buying my wife some other soaps. The new version is slicker, you just get a better shave with that same great post shave face feel. Very good soap. I had to adjust my lathering technique, and keep the brush more dry than I do with Cella when loading the brush. I found it also is much better face lathered than bowl lathered.

    I haven't tried AOS soaps yet, but have read others mention it has a clay smell. This unscented Mystic soap, to me, really doesn't have a scent, but if pressed I would say it has a very faint clay smell.
  10. flycbyrd, if there is a scent at all it is very muted.
  11. Thanks, I have never used an unscented product so I was curious.
  12. I finally tried my Bay Rum sample this morning (been too busy the last few days). I am pleased to say I like the soap. It lathered nicely. Smelled great...kinda like soapy sugar cookie...actually, more like soapy macadamian and white chocolate cookie. It performed well on my face, even though I tried out a loaner R41 for the first time.
    Just like other tallow soaps, it left me a little too squeaky clean. I need a little more slickiness. I like there to be more residue on my face after scraping whiskers off. Am I making sense?
    I will continue trying this soap until the sample is all gone. I plan on giving my final assessment once I have obtained a larger sample size of shaving experiences.
    Way to go on the soap Michelle! I'm pleasantly surprised at its performance.
  13. I really like Michelle's bay rum scent. I personally lean a bit towards cream but this soap performs fine. I've used it twice, once without preshave oil and once with. As usual I believe I got a better shave with oil but soap performance seems fine either way. After a few more tries if I notice anything new I will report.

    Btw, my wife loves the smell.
  14. It's fine. I use coconut oil as an aftershave so the scent is nice when shaving. It could be a little stronger and I wouldn't mind.
  15. I received a sample of the Rose Geranium& Tea Tree to try out and I'm very impressed with it. Lathers quick and easy and has plenty of glide as well. When some of my other soaps and creams have been depleted I'll be getting a few tubs for sure.

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