My Wife is a Potter. This is Her Second Attempt @ a Scuttle. Comments appreciated.

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  1. Disclaimer: I posted this in general shaving because these are not (yet?) for sale, and I really just want feedback on the design. However, if the potential for selling these makes this an inappropriate place to post, I apologize.

    My wife is a potter, and her way of sharing this hobby with me has been to work with me on designing pieces to use for my shaving. She's turned out to like it pretty well.

    Today she brought home her second finished scuttle, and the first to turn out the way she had hoped. (There were technical issues with the first arising out of a shared studio space.) There's a small album of various views here. (Note that these pics were taken by me with my cell phone, and the colors really aren't right.)

    It's got a fairly small footprint for a scuttle, about the size of a large soup bowl or a medium (2-3 cup) teapot. It's a two piece design for easy cleaning, and so the lather bowl or the outer vessel can be used as an independent lather bowl in hot weather or when warm lather just isn't desired.

    So, my B&B friends and neighbors, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions, if you don't mind. And you feel free to ask me any you can think of as well.
    • Would you be interested in owning a scuttle like this?
    • If so, what do you feel would be fair to pay for it?
    • How about for a custom scuttle, with several selectable options?
    • What do you think of scuttles with lids?
    Thanks in advance for taking a look, for me and the Mrs.
  2. that looks great!! i dig the design and think a lid would look nice on it!!! although the lid you have pictured seems to high for my personal preference! as for a Custom scuttle i think thats an AWESOME idea i would totally get one since there are some things i can't seem to find in a scuttle because i don't think most ppl would want them
  3. That particular lid was conceived as a lid/soap bowl, so you could have your favorite soap in a lid to the scuttle, all ready to go. Lower domes or maybe even flat ones (if I understand these things correctly, which isn't guaranteed) are possible.
  4. That woman has some serious talent. I can't way what I'd pay because I really haven't looked into scuttles too much since the few I've looked at were very expensive. I don't really care for the lid since I wouldn't leave a soap puck in it and it would just be an added cost. The only thing that might be nice is if there was an option for a large spout version that you could lay your brush in for soaking.
  5. That's a very attractive and sturdy looking scuttle, your wife should be proud, I find that more attractive than the scuttles made by the go-to potters of B&B.
  6. Wicked man, must suck have a wife make you scuttles :D

  7. It's beautiful, I'd buy one (and I haven't even bowl lathered for ages!!!)
  8. (Where the hell is the emoticon for jealousy?) Really? A wife that makes you a scuttle? What next? She gets a job at AOS or TOBS and brings home all the freebies you want?
    Awesome scuttle! Price-wise, I'm a cheap bastard. I like Robert Becker's because they are inexpensive. I won't say "cheap" because I don't want anyone to think I'm implying that they're cheap quality. A small scuttle of his runs $21.
  9. Nice work!
  10. Nice looking scuttle!
  11. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Looks nice!

    I would suggest that you flatten the top of the finger loop so when you have wet soapy hands and a heavy scuttle it has a better grip- function over form.

    The Hobbyist subscription plan would be perfect for your wife here at B&B.
  12. That is fabulous! Seriously! Very professional and great design.
  13. chuckr9

    chuckr9 Contributor

    Great job! Even better that she took an interest in your wet shaving "hobby".
  14. Very nice. I really like the two-piece long as it stays in place when you are mixing lather.
  15. not sure how I like the two piece design. It looks like there is a gap (though small) between the bowl and the body which may be a heat retention issue. Fwiw, I have no experience with using a scuttle but that appears to be the only issue I can see. I do know that stuff has a penchant for holding heat (i use a pottery bowl my sister made in high school) so it may not be an issue at all. Regardless that is a sharp looking piece of work and let me know if they go up for sale. The custom option sounds great.
  16. That is a FINE looking piece! She has some serious talent. I agree with Jim on the handle, flatten the top or even indent it for the pad of your thumb. I wasn't fond of the design of the lid, I think a flatter one would look better and be less obtrusive. Maybe instead of a lid she could make more of a rounded lip to close the gap between the 2 pieces? Make them almost touch, but not quite? I know nothing about pottery now, I maybe asking for something that's impossible. But either way, that's a wonderful piece.
  17. Your wife's got some mad skills! That's a quality job for a second pass. I can't see what she comes up with when she is done.
  18. Very impressive. I really like the fact that you can remove the bowl, allowing for lathering with the bowl palmed in your hand then putting the bowl back in the "kettle" while shaving. I also like that it's not huge, as a ton of us live in older houses with small bathrooms. Having never owned or used a scuttle, I couldn't hazard a guess on pricing.
  19. damn thats actually pretty nice!! Actually that's really nice!! I really like the aerodynamics of scuttle...How much is she going to charge???
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  20. It looks great to me! Tell her to start a little business.

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