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  1. My modest little shave den. Really it's just my side of the bathroom sink. The little bottle left of the Musgo A/S is Dickinson's witch hazel and the tub under the Taylor's Eaton College is Musgo Real. Yeah, I squeeze my Musgo out of the tube into a tub. I then cut the tube open and scrape out everything that can't be squeezed out. There's more left in there than you'd think. I'd say at least 4 to five shaves worth.

    I'm always a bit envious of the huge massively stocked shave dens I see here. It looks like a lot of fun. To be honest however, I don't think I could handle having more than two or three creams or soaps. It's hard enough for me to decide if it's an Taylor's day or a Musgo day. I prefer to stick with just a couple things at a time. This works great for me.
  2. TOBS Eton > *

    My favorite scent :thumbup1:
  3. Awesome! Sometimes I admire the simplistic dens. Much cleaner looking.

  4. Hello, fellow Wisconsinite! I know what you mean about the difficulty of making choices between too many options. So after almost a year and a half of wet shaving and associated ADs, I'm trying to trim my den to something closer to yours. I made too many purchases that I regret, but at least I learned which items I truly like as permanent items on my shelf. Still, there a few other items I'd like to try (Musgo colognes, for example), before I settle in for good.
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    How's the weather in Wisconsin?
    I'm just across the border from Minnesota.

    If what you have works for you, then it's perfect.
    When your den starts overflowing is when you decide that you need to try everything out there.:w00t:

    Or you're just plain crazy. :tongue_sm Which most of us are.
  6. Nice Jagger DE89L! :thumbup1:
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    Not a damn thing wrong with that den!:thumbup1: You've got some great gear there & would never need anything more unless you get sucked into AD's like the rest of us :blush:

    My wife got me an EJ DE86 razor for Christmas and I could easily be perfectly happy shaving with it and no other if I had to. Used it this morning, in fact.
  8. I like it. Nice bowl, beautiful razor, and a couple of high-quality creams.

    In my perfect small den, both those creams would be soaps instead, but that's a minor detail.

    Congrats on a frugal and yet luxurious shaving set-up!
  9. maxman; It's going to be cold tonight. Below zero, but I bet you get cold like that more than us.

    Mr Styptic; Hey there. Did you know there is a pharmacy in Madison that sells Merkur blades and razors? I don't remember the name of it but it's on State Street. Oh, and you can get Musgo and C&E products at Mayfair Mall.
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  10. Nice clean and neat Den Beaware of RAD
  11. taking a pic of your shave den is like taking pics of a new puppy. it will amaze you how fast it will grow.
  12. Where are you hiding the rest of the stuff? Under the counter? In another room?
  13. Lose the bowl, you don't need it.
  14. I love it! A perfect example of the K.I.S.S. principle.
    You have all that you need right there to pursue as good a shave as any man alive.

    And your signature is great too.
  15. Nice. Keeping it simple is the way to go...

    I admire your control...!
  16. AD's can be fun to joke about, but they are still disorders. I admire your control so early on. I think many people eventually get control of their AD's, but usually after filling all their cupboards first.
  17. very nice den....whatever works for to B&B
  18. thats right we know you have a hidden treasure you dont want to show .
    what is it Musgo real shaving cream?
    or a vintage Penhaligon shaving soap?
  19. Excellent choice of weapon...EJ DE89 is an awsome razor!
  20. What you see is my daily shaving arsenal day in and day out. I love it! :thumbup:

    Hidden treasure? Sorry, I've got a 38C and a 55 SS which was my first DE (I found it in an antique store when I was considering ditching my electric) that I'll likely be putting up on the BST forum as soon as I'm eligible. I'm not really trying to acquire more stuff. I was just trying to find the best razor for me and I have in the DE89L. They're not pictured because they're not part of my shaving routine at all.

    Thanks for the kind words all. I'm really enjoying B&B.

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