My trip to Colonial Drug - Cambridge, MA

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  1. On Friday I made a trip to Colonial Drug in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The store is 20 miles from my house, and I had a few enthusiastic emails with Cathy, the owner. My assumption about Colonial Drug was that it was a drug store with a shaving section. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Fragrances, shaving products, and soaps line the walls. There are several "no photos or cell phone allowed" signs, which made me smile and added to the experience. The gentlemen working was wearing a tie and blazer, and was informed on wet shaving products - a bit different than what you see at your local Perfumania.

    I have never seen such an enormous selection of wet shaving products in person. The full lineups of Castle Forbes, T&H, Edwin Jagger, Palmolive, and Old Spice. Parker and Merkur DEs, a variety of blades, a basket filled with Cella tubs - with Plisson brushes line the entrance. The biggest jaw dropper for me was a shelf with three different kinds of Valobra, next to a Palmolive shave stick - you just don't see that in the US. Then there were a bunch of other software I had never seen before.

    Also, I am not a fragrance collector at this point - but since half the store is just that - I'm sure there were some surprises in there as well.

    If you are near Boston, you probably owe it to yourself to make a trip there. It is quite an experience for folks that search the internet for this stuff. Also, the store was dead on with internet prices - if you like to support small business and appreciate the owner emailing you back within the hour - shoot them an email.
  2. Just added to my contacts. Next time I get back home to NH, I'll make a day trip of it.

  3. Big fan of the selection at colonial.....I've been there 3 or 4 times and I'm consistently impressed with that they have.
  4. Colonial IS pretty awesome.
  5. Great place and Cathy is great. It's great to that they have a sample tub of a lot of there stuff for you to smell and get an idea about a product before you purchase.
  6. Colonial Drug is a great place to visit. If you are going to be in the area be sure to walk down Mass Ave. and check out

    Leavitt & Peirce
    1316 Mass Ave.
    Cambridge, MA

    Leavitt & Peirce is best described as a Gentlemen's shop that seems to carry mostly cigars and pipe tobacco, but has a serious shave selection.
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    Yes, they are great. That they are a little behind the times with technology adds to the charm.
  8. Unfortunately, they have been out of stock for a while of a product I've been wanting to purchase, but that is not their fault and Cathy has been very friendly and quick to respond to my emails.

    I sure wish there was such a store in Dallas.
  9. Unfortunately I missed out on Colonial while in Boston this weekend!
  10. Why no photos? Afraid of someone casing the joint?
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    Nah, and just old school... It's in Cambridge. Shaving is unhip there.
  12. "24-Hour Answering Machine" :laugh:

  13. Weird that you can't order directly from their website.
  14. You can only order through email. Or a visit to there store.
  15. Cambridge, MA is home to Harvard University (the top university in the US for at least 200 years running). Harvard attracts oodles of top-shelf European students who grew up wet shaving with the products that most of us on B&B use. That explains why there would be two businesses within reasonable distance that sell these supplies. You can thank them personally for creating such an environment if you wish.
  16. Agreed. DFW definitely needs an awesome store like this.
  17. Second time I came across a thread about this store. I have a sister who lives in Cambridge who I haven't visited in some time (she has been to my place on holidays and so forth). Good reason to go visit I would say. Thanks for the reminder.
    Yea, their web site could be better IMO.
  18. Colonial Drug offers free shipping to B&B readers, I think.

    I live only 2 miles away, so I drop in now and then
  19. ShaveWiki is not accessible right now (maintenance?). I wondered if they are listed there. Good to know if it's true.
  20. Just came back from my first trip to Colonial Drug. Outstanding selection and very knowledgable staff. Cathy clearly keeps up with the boards and has obvious enthusiasm for her products.

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