My tale of getting to the Muhle R41

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  1. I bought a Merkur C33 back in June 2012 after using carts & disposables for the past 30 years or so. I learned to shave with my late Dad’s Gillette Blue tip back in the middle ‘70’s.

    The C33 was a little too mild for me, so I picked up an Edwin Jagger DE89 and used that for about a year, I bought a Weber Bulldog handle and I liked the way it worked, but I thought I needed something a little more aggressive. I bought a Cadet TP26 open comb and that was closer to getting the shave I wanted.

    I’ve read many posts about the R41 and that it’s not for everyone. When they changed it and the posts about the 2013 version started, I thought I might just get one. If it didn’t work out, I could always sell it.
    I have had the 2013 R41 for about 3 weeks, I used the standard handle until today with 7 O’Clock yellows, Supermax Stainless and Super Platinums and have gotten the best shaves I have ever had. My neck was a little sore at night (I shave in the morning) for the first few days. I would guess my skin had to adjust to the new razor. The one thing is how long the shave lasts, I can rub my face at 9PM after shaving at 7AM and it’s still pretty smooth and the amazing thing is I have not had any cuts, nicks or weepers!

    Now I am going to try different blades to see which one gives me the smoothest and closest shave. I have found the razor for me and have no desire to look any further (I know that’s what they all say!).

    I will need to shave with the combination of 2013 R41 and the Weber handle for a few weeks to see how that goes, but after today, I like the heaver weight and grip of the Weber handle. Since the Weber is heavier than the stock handle, it just takes a little pressure to get razor to glide across my beard.

    I am one happy camper with the R41!
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    The R41 and the Weber handle is a great combo. I'm glad you are enjoying the shaves. I'm planning on trying out a similar combo myself tomorrow morning. I was not able to get the stock handle to work for me at all.
    BTW, I'm not sure what you mean by more pressure, but I would avoid all pressure when using the R41.
  3. I was fortunate to be able to post one of the first reviews of the R41 2013 here on B&B. In it, I mention that the razor head adapts well to a variety of handles, especially heavier ones. I mention the Griest Fat Brass handle--a 3.0 inch solid brass unit that weighs 111 grams. It may look odd, but it's a great combo to shave with.

    $3-1-2014 6-58-54 PM.jpg
  4. Are you shaving every day with it? Every other day? Something else?
  5. I think the R41 and the Bulldog is a great combination.
  6. I really like my R41.I especially like it when I have a good growth of beard and the time to enjoy the shave. If I'm rushed I use one of my milder DE shavers or one of my Schicks which I really like.
  7. In general Muhle makes great shavers. I've been using the R89 and after a few adjustment shaves, I've been getting nice and smooth shaves everyday. I have a light beard growth and as such am happy with the less aggressive head of the R89. Muhle are great products.
  8. i picked up the r41 last week and have been shaving with it. prefer over the de89

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