My straight razor tattoo

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Neognosis, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Hello, I'm a recent convert to wet shaving, but I have had this tattoo for a year or so for other reasons.

    Thought I would share it here for kicks.

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  2. Nice tat. Is that on your neck?
  3. chuckr9

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    I hope you continue to like straights.
  4. Nice tat mate! Wear it in good health. I also have a straight razor tattoo. Mine is also not related to wetshaving and has more to do with the traditional meaning a straight razor has in the tattoo world.

  5. Thank you! It's on my calf.

    Yea, same meaning for me, I'm a fan of traditional tattoos done with a bit of a new school twist.

    I think it's pretty ironic that I got it WAY before I found this new obsession...
  6. Embarrassing, I'd say.I'm an electrician,shall I have my wire strippers done?I enjoy gardening,how about a nice cabbage on my buttock?
  7. not cool man, what do you care if he likes his tattoos the way they are. he did get them that way for a reason after all
  8. If I was an electrician, I would probably get a wire stripper tattoo done in the traditional style. I think that would make a great tattoo. I like this one too. It's not on me, but I like it.

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  9. Phog Allen

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    While I am certainly no big fan of tattoos, the hammer and wrench are indicative of quality ink work. I noticed they have a three dimensional look and nearly stand off the skin. To me this is is the difference between "jailhouse tats" and a tattoo artist. I have a friend whose dad got one on his upper arm. It looked like a painting! It was a grizzly swiping a rainbow trout out of a creek. You could even make out faint specks seemingly below the main ones on the sideof the trout. Colours were perfect. Impressive work.

    Cheers, Todd
  10. Phog Allen

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    Sorry to the OP. I did not mention your razor. Pretty cool you got it before you startrled with trad shaving.

  11. Yeah, I gotta agree, what's it to you? Most people who get tattooed have their own reasons for what they get, and if it has meaning to them that's all that matters.

    You could always get one of yourself grabbing onto a live wire. :a47:
  12. When people ask you about it what do you do you answer the question of what does it mean.
  13. I want to see a tattoo of Mantic holding a DE in one hand and a badger brush in the other but the brush would be on fire. :ladysman:
  14. Nice Tat my friend!!! :thumbsup:

    I happen to have 14 tats (both legs, thight, wrist, arms, chest, stomach and back) but because my photo skills is much to be desired, I can't seem to get good pics!!!

    [​IMG] "Tattoos are one's visible stories". CBJ
  15. All tattoos do not have some sort of deep meaning. It is something that will be on your body forever so ALOT of though has to be put into it and like phog said it is art. our tattoos do not define us they identify us and anything that you love and put on your body if it has some profound meaning or just because you like it its your body and your art. Thats why we get them we love them, its our passion, its our body.
  16. It's on my calf, so people usually don't see it. I have a lot of tattoos, and people usually don't pick just one out and ask what it means...

    actually, I don't think anyone has ever asked about my straight razor tattoo before...
  17. What is the traditional meaning of such a tattoo? I am interested in understanding. Thanks.
  18. It was explained to me by a mate who slings ink that a straight razor denotes a 'straight edge' lifestyle. They are popular with reformed addicts. Mine has a straight razor with the year I got clean etched on the blade. Also in the design is a diamond which is hard and formed under extreme pressure, and some roses representing new life.

  19. A straight razor has a few traditional tattoo meanings. First, it was around before the "straight edge" thing came about.

    The straight razor traditionally means that the wearer has habits, addictions, or a lifestyle that could cut his own throat. Or, that the wearer USED to behave in a way that was cutting his own throat. And therefore, won't hesitate to cut yours if you cross him. Or that the tattoo is there to remind the wearer that if he takes up his old habits, he's going to be cutting his own throat.

    the razor, brass knuckles, and billy club with "love thy neighbor" has the ironic meaning that people are untrustworthy and one must be willing to use these weapons to protect oneself from being taken advantage of. Symbolically, of course. Neighbors get along better when their behavior can be put in check.

    Sort of....
  20. I love tattoos, unfortunately the current Commandant doesn't like them on his Marines, so I'll have to cut down my wish list. He's went so far as to ban the rolling of sleeves, a hundred year tradition, in attempt to cover existing tattoos (this has been the accepted excuse by everyone I can find).

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