My Simpson's CH1 and T2 arrived!

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  1. So I got my Simpson's CH1 and Tulip 2 in the mail the other day! Broke both in using Ambrose's method for breaking a brush in and getting the funk out...worked like a charm. I've since lathered each brush about 4 times now and have been loving my new brushes!

    The Simpson's knots are very nice, the nicest of the brushes I have for sure. I love the asthetics of both brushes, and both brushes have plenty of backbone, yet the tips are very soft. I'm sure this will even improve as they are broken in further over the next month or so..

    I've got a question for you seasonsed Simpson's veterans.. I ordered the CH1 in 3 band and the Tulip 2 in 2 band from WCS, however, upon arrival, both look like 2-band knots to me as they both look almost identical. What's the deal with this? WCS has seperate entries for the Simpson's brushes for the banding, and I expected the CH1 to be more 3-band'ish in appearance. Can anyone explain this? Thanks!

    So far I think I almost prefer the Tulip 2 to the CH1. Both lather like monsters, but something about the Tulip 2, it can create and hold some serious amounts of lather. Just a giant puffball sitting on top of the brush awaiting your face! :)

    Here are some photos of both brushes! Enjoy! :thumbup1:

    View attachment 102585

    View attachment 102586

    View from above -- Chubby 1 on the left, Tulip 2 on the right:

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    View attachment 102588
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  2. Yeah, they both look like 2-band brushes. But most of us would consider this a good thing.

    Does the CH1 box say "2-Band"? Did you specifically ask for 3-band, or just order a regular CH1?

    Ordering a 2-Band brush should guarantee a 2-Band. But ordering a standard CH1 might not necessarily mean it's 3-band.

  3. Mike,

    The box just says CH1, whereas my tulip 2 in 2-band specifically said 2-band on the side of the box. I ordered what I thought was the 3 band CH1 from WCS, as he has two seperate listing for the CH1 in 3 band (non 2-band) and the CH2 in 2 band. Here are the links:

    CH1 not in 2-band:

    CH1 in 2-band:
  4. Yes, that's what I thought. The "regular" CH1 doesn't say "3-Band", it just doesn't guarantee "2-Band".

    If you don't like the 2-Band, you probably won't have any problem finding someone willing to make a straight trade for a 3-Band.
  5. Its not a big deal, I'll be happy with it as is, just curious as I thought that it would be 3 band and had been told that the CH1 in 3 band was nicer than the CH1 in 2-band.

  6. I think the difference between the 2-band and 3-band with Simpson brushes is the loft shape. The 2-bands have a very pointy bulb shaped, while I think the Bests and 3-Bands have more of a rounded fan shape.
  7. True, a regular Super CH1 will give you a bit of variation in your collection.

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