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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Xilbus, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just realised that this place had a smoking section lol. Well here are my pipes, hope you like the pics.

    $IMG_2415.jpg $IMG_2421.jpg $IMG_2431.jpg $IMG_2483.jpg $IMG_2708.jpg
  2. $IMG_2728.jpg $KGrHqEOKpYE5cqzq4BOldbJSHBw60_3.jpg
  3. Welcome- this is a great sub forum, with some very knowledgable chaps. I love the coloring of that meer in the case.
  4. ITs the Lee van cleef pipe from a few dollars more. with time it will become more like the one in the movie. It was make by Altinok in Turkey
  5. Great pipes indeed !

    I also have an Altinok pipe, very proud of it, top quality handmade and a perfect customer service.
    are you happy with yours ?
  6. Love the Mark Twain set and the design of the radiator pipe!
  7. Im am happy in all aspects from customer service to the smoke that this meer delivers.
  8. The radiator is a good break time smoker.
  9. Beautiful pipes--pic #4 especially appeals to me. What pipe is that?
  10. Thank you, this is the Tracey Mincer Radiator pipe, a pipe that was made in the 1940's
  11. Argonaut

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    Your not smoking that Chinese black tea are you?:wink2:
  12. All the cool kids are doing it.
  13. Lol got a few ounces of some tree beard in there from the middle earth series.
  14. Nice looks like we have one of the same pipes.....a Petersen Hungarian....I've has mine for over 26 it...
  15. The 1st picture? it was my grand fathers best friend's pipe. It has Pipe Maker writen on the side and also Imported Briar, a nice little nose warmer
  16. No...Picture #3,,,it has the petersen box behind an a pouch of vanilla cream tobacco......I have the same pipe (well close....) is a pic of mine to compare... I posted it in the BOTOC thread with my razor the other day....

  17. Ahh yes its a peterson system 312 Military mount. Peterson of Dublin make great pipes. It was my main pipe untill i discovered corn cobs hehe.
  18. I was poking around their site today- very nice. A meerschaum may be in my future.
  19. The owner of the only shop close to me that has anything in the way of pipe stuff, and who really only carries Altidas bulk blends, basket pipes, and Ben Wade's actually tried to sell me one of these pipes the last time I was in. It wasn't as clean as yours, and I have no idea where he got it from, but it's neat to see you actually have one.
  20. Great looking pipes!

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