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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by BullGoose, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Do you think this will be sufficient for storing the razors in my rotation? It is an old pipe rack that I picked up on Ebay for less than $12 shipped. I figure the area where the humidor went will be perfect for a tub of cream/soap or a lathering bowl.
  2. Pipe racks work great for holding razors. I picked up one off ebay that holds three on each side of a humidor that holds all my small stuff andboar brush.
  3. I get real jealous of you guys that just have stuff sitting on the bathroom counter... I have a two year old and I can't leave anything out. I have a tube of Proraso with a bite mark.
  4. Wow! Where'd ya get that brush holder in the back there?
  5. Those pipe holders look to be the "bees knees"....

    Thats funny right there! lol
  6. Can you post her tasting notes? Was she put off by the intense cooling effect? :lol:
  7. Its too late to run. I began wet shaving with DE's like I did in high school and now I have RAD. I even have different razors for different ocassions like touching up before going out with a gentle Gillette Blue Tip. Help me! I'm crazy, but I do have a really smooth face!
  8. Even your 2 year old knows that Proraso rocks! :punk: Give him about 12 more years though.

    Those racks look really nice. I wish I had enough stuff to need a rack!
  9. my pipe holders work VERY nice to hold my razors. I moded mine to hold my BBE.

  10. That's my ghetto razor/brush stand that I made. The instructions I used can be found here. It was otiginally posted in the diy shave gear thread.

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