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  1. I posted a while back asking what everyone kept their straight razors in and a few people pointed me towards Smoking Pipe racks. After doing some research I came across the site Two Cousins Pipe Racks and after talking with Mark(one of the cousins) and explaining what I was looking for he was able to take one of their designs and alter it a little for my needs and here it is...

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  2. Mr. Scruffy

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    Very nice!
  3. inspiring. did you angle the top cradle's slot rearward to prevent razors tipping out?
  4. Mark did and he also slightly tilted the bottom slots so I could store the razors at a slight angle to better display them.
  5. That really is beautiful!! I'm actually thinking of learning to smoke a pipe (I inherited my grandfathers pipe collection may years ago) and make purchase one of these.
  6. That's a very nice rack. You did well. :thumbup:
  7. Didn't anyone else notice the problem of only having spots for 4 razors?
  8. Nice rack. Yes, you will soon need a larger one. A double double entendre....:crazy:
  9. Haha! For now this was as big as the fiance would let me go and still let me keep it in the bathroom.
  10. netsurfr

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    I like it a lot. Now you just need to make one to display a seven day rotation. Then, you need to make one to display your 100 razor collection which is what you will have before long. :thumbup1: :lol:
  11. Thanks. I figured this one was just a test run to make sure the Fiance liked the look of it before I took over a room with a larger version.
  12. Cool work. Just a thought. you might want to make a safety mechanism for when kiddos arrive (if they ever do).

    Congrats on the pending nuptials :001_smile
  13. Thanks Rich,

    I will definitely have to consider the safety bar once their are little ones in the house. Bruce over on SRD gave me a few good ideas with his Old West Style rack when it comes to a safety bar, but I think it will be a little while before I have to think about that. Hopefully by then I am having Mark build a large version of this one for my den.
  14. Excellent!
  15. clever. i appreciate the entire concept/design
  16. Very attractive display piece!!

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