My new Favorite blade....One week with the same blade and STILL great shaves

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by bluesbishop, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Like many "Newbies" I've read a ton of post...taking everthing in and realizing YMMV when it comes to razors, blades, soaps, etc.

    Several blades always came up as must have blades...(in no particular order):

    Personna labs/meds
    Israeli Personna's ( either reds or crystals)
    Gillette Yellows

    After trying all of these I received great shavings from each one and would recommend them to everyone...with my favorites being the labs and the IP

    I received a 5 pack of Supermax Super Platinum's as part of a purchase....

    I read a TERRIBLE review here on the Supermax Titanium ...but decided to try them anyways...after all...this was not the same blade...

    All I can say is WOW!!!

    Best shaves of my life...smooth, but yet sharp....I have a fairly coarse beard that grows fast..
    (I have a goatee...can shave clean today and have a nice goatee back in a week that looks well groomed and mature) and no tugging, pulling, nicks, weepers...just great BBS shaves.

    I've tried it in various razors...the NEW open comb, my fatboy, my slim, my aristocrat, my flair tip, my S.S, my tech and the EJ89...every razor....GREAT SHAVE

    For the last week I have been using the Supermax in my new open comb every day.....a week in and still great long can I go?? I don't know!! Part of me thinks I need to put in a new blade tomorrow just because its been a week...

    Guys....these blades are fairly inexpensive RB&M has them for like $10.50 for 100! to me its a no brainer!! if you don't like;; them off in B/S/T or ebay...probably for more than you't walk to the nearest seller and grab some.....yeah there is alot of hype/myth, etc on many of the blades on this forum...but this is the real deal....VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!:thumbup:
  2. BCN


    Tomorow i'll try exactly the same blade. I hope i will have the same experience as you
  3. Nice post, thanks for writing it.

    Goes to prove once again, that reviews and opinions are valuable, but don't override YMMV!

    As I understand, Supermax manufactures a number of different blades, so if one is interested in the blade that Ken is using be sure to order the "Supermax Super Platinum".

    I believe that this is the blade Ken is referring to:

  4. bobusa

    bobusa Contributor

    Ken, quick question. Can you check the package and see it is marketed for UK market on the back of the package? And if you could post a photo of blade and it's wrapper?
  5. The four blades you are espousing are wonderful performing blades.
  6. Those are the blades....LOVE THEM!!
  7. Mendel.....those are all fine blades....and I will keep them in my rotation.....but I really love these blades....and some kudos to razor blades and twin brother just got his order in from them for these blades and they sent him 25 free blades to try....that's great customer service!!!
  8. The blades are the one in the picture above...the side of the pack says made in India...the back say distributed by Super-Max Ltd. FELTHAM, TW13 7LR , LONDON, UK
  9. I've used the blades in the past. I found them to be very close to my main blade, Red IPs. A member PMed me if I was interested in a trade, his SuperMax Platinums for my Super Platinums. I obliged.
  10. After trying just about everything, the Supermax Super Platinum is one of my favorite practical blades.
  11. Got to try them
  12. Glad your a fan too!...wish more forum member's would try these...from the point of view of price point alone they are a great bargin...for those who dont want 100 can pick up 50 for like $6.....thats crazy! I just can't believe the great shaves I've received from this was day 8...but tomorrow I am putting in a new blade and use my fatboy....
  13. I received a pack of Supermax Super Platinum blades from RB&M with my last order when I stocked up on the nearly gone forever Gillette Silver Blues. I admit they were going to be waiting a bit for their turn to be used but thanks to you I am anxious to try one tomorrow.
  14. I just received my order from Razor Blades and More. I love these blades, the best I have tried so far, even better for my face than Red Personnas. I am anxious to try the SuperMax Titatanium, I have my Slim already loaded and set to 7!!!
  15. I had the same experience with those blades.. they are GREAT. much sharper than you would expect and very very smooth
  16. [​IMG]

    My shipment from today.

  17. Dude!! that is he hooked you up!!! Think Im gonna order all my blades from him!!
  18. I"ll have to try some of these ..
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  19. bobusa

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    Ken, Just want to know if this is how paper wrapper of the blades looks like?
  20. Hey Bob,

    Although I am not Ken, only his twin Arley, I think I can safely say for him "yes, those are the blades"

    Here is a picture of wrapper and package that I just took

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