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Discussion in 'Shooting Sports and Firearms' started by xjrob85, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I just picked up my first 1911 last week, and I wanted to show it off!
    It's the new Ruger SR1911.
    These are pretty hard to come by right now, so when I ordered it back in January I was expecting a really long wait. I was pretty surprised when I got the call last Thursday that it had come in!
    I am really pleased with it. It shoots really well, and I think it looks great!
  2. Nice looking piece,

    You will enjoy your 1911.

    I've been a big fan of that browning design for a LONG time.
  3. Nice....
  4. Is the Ruger a true 1911- meaning, are the parts interchangeable with other 1911? Do they take the same upgrade parts?
  5. Very nice. Will you be carrying it, or just going to the range from time to time?
  6. Seems like everybody is making 1911 pistols now.

    Not that that's a bad thing!
  7. BigFoot

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    Nice score
  8. Very nice. I've been looking for one of the Ruger's in my area and haven't been able to catch up with one!
  9. Argonaut

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  10. Real nice looker.
  11. The good thing about using one of them for protection.....all you gotta do is holler I gotta 1911 here and will blow your head clean that what you want? They will quietly depart the premises.
  12. Ron991

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    Love that classic 1911 look. Good luck with it.
  13. John Moses Browning was the Master. Amazing that his creation, the 1911 pistol, of 100 years ago is still used and loved by so many today. The only thing wrong with the 1911 is that they are very addicting....your current one won't be you last. You have been warned.

  14. I love Ruger for everything from rifle to pistol and revolver. The only drawback I have found with them is the weight. I do not find them concealed carry friendlt. I have carried the SP101 and still had a problem with the weight. The Dan Wesson I carry now does not seem as heavy as the Ruger. but they are great shooters. I have shot competition for years with the Ruger with great success.
  15. Great gun! I am on a waiting list for one right now, it is taking forever to come in since Ruger only makes a limited supply. Have fun with it!
  16. The design actually goes back to 1903, when he made it in a .38. The Army wanted more punch, so he just made everything bigger.
  17. I'd love to acquire a 1911 someday. The cost of 45 ACP ammo and the weight of the gun for CC keep me away. I have smaller hands and appreciate a single stack weapon.
  18. I don't know a thing about the Ruger version but it's a good looking gun in the photo provided. Thanks for sticking up the photo.

    The first Colt .45 Automatic came out a few years before the Model 1911 adopted by the U. S. military. It was a .45 caliber adaptation of the .38 ACP chambered Colt Models 1900, 1902, and 1903 that oc in fw mentions in his post above. Termed the Model 1905, it is uncommonly found as only a little over 6000 were produced. Here's a shabby but fully shootable example that occasionally sees a bit of exercise.



    You'd probably fall in love with the 1911 pistol, Dirk. I have large hands and my wife has small hands and we both really enjoy shooting 1911s. It's her favorite automatic to shoot.
  19. Wid


    Beautiful piece.
  20. I've got a stainless steel series 80 Gold Cup, and a Norinco commander length pistol.

    The Gold Cup is my wife's favorite. I love shooting it, but I'm very partial to that Chinese pistol.

    My other .45 ACP is a wheelgun...A S&W M1917.

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