my first shave with the Gillette 7 O'Clocks

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  1. decided to give these guys a go tonight and actually came out with only one tiny nick, otherwise it was a nice shave. after my bad experience with the Astras I was expecting another cheese grater session to my face with the Gillettes, fortunately, the shave went better than expected and it reminded me of the Red Pack Personnas. if the rest of my 5 pk are as good as this one blade i'll probably buy more. :thumbup:
  2. Which 7s do you have?
  3. the yellow pack
  4. The yellows are significantly better than Astras. The price difference is warranted.
  5. I found them similar to each other; Yet I did end up liking the yellow pack more. They just felt smoother.
  6. I have a yellow pack that I has not been used yet. The green pack (russian version) are my main blade.
  7. ehhh i didn't have much luck with the yellows. i thought they were about the same as the dorco st310. i'll stick to my IP's
  8. Do the yellow pack 7 O'clocks have the big glue spots on them?
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    I've been experimenting with the 7 o'clocks since the 'Swede' began disappearing.

    The Yellow Sharp Edge are excellent ~ if not quite as durable as the old Swedes, they do come close.

    For what it's worth, I find the black-label Indian Platinums to be good too... not quite so smooth to start with, but by shave 3/4 they hit their straps and are good to last out the whole week.

    I'm not sure if it is kosher to mention the vendor on here; I'm getting the impression that there are some sellers that might have soiled their reputation on here in the past... and I don't know if my Indian mate is in that category or not!!
  10. when I took one out of the packaging it had a noticeable residue, but not huge glue spots like the Astras.
  11. I'm a big fan of the 7 O'clock yellows. I'm trying out the "Swedes" in a few razors now but so far I like the yellows better. (I had good luck with the Astra's as well, so obviously YMMV.)

  12. I too am in the process of finding my 'swede' replacement. I'm currently in the middle of a 4-day trip and I took the Astras along to try after I ran out of my BIC test pack. This was a big mistake. They barely last 2 shaves for me it seems. I feel like when I go against the grain w/the Astra I may as well be using a butter knife. The BIC's weren't bad but I prefer the yellows still. As soon as I get back I'm heading straight for my pack of yellow 7's. I'll keep the remaining Astras around in case I need to scrape paint spots off my mirror or something.
  13. When i started "this thing of ours" back in December, I created my own sampler of about 10 different blades based on reviews read here. Then I bought a couple of yellows. After the first shave I felt I had found my blade. As my technique has developed, I have gone back and tried some of the originals and continue to find that the yellows are the blade for me.
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  14. Count me in as a fan of these blades. I've had very good results--close shave, no nicks, no tugging, no irritation.
  15. What version of the Astra's were you using if you don't mind me asking? The stainless or the platinums?
  16. I just discovered that the Astras work great at scraping the glue spots off of my yellow 7's :thumbup1:
  17. platinums
  18. Thanks. Based on the your guy's reviews I think I will steer clear of the Astra's for now and just use derby's and 7'oclocks....
  19. There are posts of the inconsistency of derby blades. I agree. Shavers remark the quality of the blades have slightly declined.

    IMO a better low cost alternative are the lord sharks.

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