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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by TheVez2, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. TheVez2

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    My recent SMAG (Shaving Mug Acquisition Disorder) led me to collect this Barbershop - Old Fashioned Luxury set from Franklin Toiletry. These came in a few different colors, but is anybody aware of any individual pieces that I do not have?

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  2. Nice, I have seen them in other colors such as black on Ebay over the past few years.:thumbup1:
  3. very nice set :thumbup: what after shave is that
  4. TheVez2

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    Yes, I've seen black, cobalt blue, and a wierd gold/iridescent color.

    Oh yeah, I saw that auction too, forgot about it. I guess it was orignially a shaving soap jar. So I assumed you'd stack your pucks in it until you needed them? I didn't really see it as something I could use. I'll keep my eye out in the future though. Thanks

    Actually what is in the bottle right now, is some scrubbing bubbles, trying to clean out the old stuff. I plan on filling it up with Jeri's Hair Tonic.
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  5. i use that mug!

  6. Didn't Old Spice make a stand just like that?
    Either way, it's friggin awesome. Off to eBay with me... Thanks a bunch. LOL

    There's a nearly complete set on eBay for $230. I didn't see the soap jar though.
    Cool shelf and bottles.
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  7. TheVez2

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    Very Similar:
  8. I like the Barbershop more. Cool logo.
  9. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Me too, the OS set does nothing for me.
  10. All your Barbershop gear is in excellent condition!! Make sure to keep it that way. I've seen so many crusty boxes and chipped brushes that are subjected to such shame.
  11. Actually, that pretty darn nice.
  12. Very cool set. If you dont mind how much was it roughly?
  13. Very nice set! I have the brush, soap and mug, I posted a SOTD picture of it in the Schick Type E thread is the safety razor forum yesterday. The soap is top notch stuff, reminds me a lot of the vintage Williams, and I also really like using the brush.
  14. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    For everything you see there, I only have $23 into it. But some of it was gifted to me.
  15. Damn, that's pretty cool!
  16. You have a really nice set! I just purchased a similar set on ebay & am looking forward to getting it in. I purchased another set with an original scent shave bar in a brown(ish) box & I was really looking forward to using it. However, when I opened the box, I was presented with the worst smell I have ever encountered. Does anyone else think that the original scent is awful? The box appears to have gotten wet so I'm wondering if it molded & changed the smell.
  17. really classic I like it .
  18. I love that AS bottle. Cool! Nice score.
  19. Sargon

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    A friend recently gave em one of the wooden racks from that brand. it's pretty nice, albiet a bit large ( and I have no idea what to do with it. :p )
  20. That's quite nice! I have a couple Barbershop bottles of scent a friend gave me and was wondering where they came from.

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