My 39C experience!!!

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  1. Ordered a 39C and some proraso pre/post from Con naught shaving in the UK on Wednesday and it arrived today (great service - especially the free blade samples thrown in!).

    My routine was.

    1. Shower
    2. Pre-post
    3. Lather
    4. Shave
    5. Alum
    6. Pre/post

    Without a doubt the best shave I've had yet. I had issues with the Merkur Progress but this is a different experience. No niks or blood in the sink just a close shave.

    My tip for using it: It's all about the angle, find the right angle and keep it constant.

    Top of the range shave that.

    The Pre/post has a nice effect too!
  2. SmoovD

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    Angle and pressure are the key. It sounds like you are on your way. Keep at it.
  3. Most definately. A few more shaves with this slant and I will be there. I've definately found my razor, now I am going to experiment with blades. I used Crystal (IP's) with this shave. I'll try the Feathers next and then the Derby's and take it from there.

    Also, I love the Alum effect. My skin tightens up lovely after the water vapourises.

    To any beginner: Don't bother with an adjustable, learn correct angle and pressure with a fixed setting. Also, don't be put off by slants, this one is safe as houses - provided you pay attention and give it some respect.
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    Congratulations on the great shave!!!
  5. I just got 39C also. I have feather blades in it. The closest shave so far. I've only been using a DE for a couple of months now. My first one was a futur now I have a 39C. It's great.
  6. The 39c is working great with feathers for me too. The regular slant would cut me everytime. I think the extra weight and length of the handle give you just the right pressure. I haven't cut myself yet.It is my goto razor.:biggrin::biggrin:

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