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  1. I REALLY enjoy MWF shave soap, so what's the deal with the bath soap? I'm probably going to be placing an order soon enough, and I was considering picking up a bar. Does it live up to legend of the shave soap?

    I've got dry, easily irritated skin and I love how my face feels post-MWF-shave. Does the bath soap supply that same rich lather and supple skin feel? And finally, does the bar last long enough to justify the price?

    Thank you!
  2. It's good stuff. I ordered it to bathe my babies. Reality was that it still dried their skin a little. Also, it goes very quickly. It's nice stuff though and worth trying. DA FAT
  3. I enjoy the bath soap a lot. I do NOT find, however, that it goes quickly at all. A (smaller sized) bar will easily last me a month or more (of continuous use). Note: I don't leave soap sitting in water, don't load up a wash cloth, don't have spray hitting it etc. I wet myself, rub soap over skin 1 pass, then lather up with the soap left on the body.

    It pretty much the same scent (unfortunately IMO - It's OK to me, but no favorite.) as the shave soap.

    It's one of the slickest soaps I've got, and when using MWF I have to be very careful about moving my feet in the tub/shower, as it's the only soap that has almost caused me to slip in the tub on a couple of different occasions.

    As far as skin care, it's much better than many other soaps, but nowhere near as good as L'Occitane's soaps. I've got dry skin, especially in the winter, and I can "get by" with MWF for a few days in a row, but always end up back with a more moisturizing soap after a few days, however it's not a 1-day "instant dryness" soap like La Toja or Speick which I relegate to use ONLY in the summer.
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  4. I'm always searching for bath soaps that don't dry my skin and smell good, so I've tried A LOT of soap. I don't find that it smells much like the shave soap... it's more feminine and toned down. As far as moisturizing, like bkfist said, it's better than most but still lacking a little there IMO. All around, it's good but not great. I was disappointed... mostly because I had such high expectations due to my love of the shaving soap. I won't be buying again.

    For the record, I think Speick bar soap is fantastic. Better scent and more moisturizing than MWF for me. It's one I will for sure be buying again.
  5. Interesting that you find Speick to be moisturizing... My skin definitely reacts differently to it.

    You might check out "Mike's Natural Soap" bath soap... I ordered a bar of the shave soap (way too strong of scent for me, I like subtle scented shave soaps) and he included a sample of bath soap... Used it up, a solid 7 or 8 days straight, and didn't cause any dryness or itchiness. I'll definitely be ordering a few.
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    I absolutely love MWF bath soap. It is very expensive and does run out pretty fast so I use the "swipe and hand lather" method which makes the soap last a bit longer. It has a nice subtle scent, which is not a complex as the shave soap scent but still very nice. The lather is nice and thick and the lanolin does wonders for the skin.

    I just love good quality tallow based bath soaps (speick is another great one!). I just find my skin likes tallow much more than veggie oils, applies to shave and bath soaps actually.

    Grab yourself a soap or two,i'm sure you will really like them. Just like the MWF shave soap, the bath soap wins out on scent and performance.
  7. I just switched back over from MWF to Speick this morning to confirm that the Speick is better for my skin. We'll see.

    I'm definitely going to snag some soap from Mike. Have been keeping my eye on those for a little while now. Glad to hear they work like I suspected they would.
  8. I just opened a box from Connaught shaving. I ordered 2 bars of MWF bath soap, the MWF Lanolin M, a MWF shave soap refill, and DRH Arlington Milk. (already have the MWF hand/body lotion) Needless to say, Connaught's prices are good even with international shipping. I love the shaving soap and enjoy the bath soaps. This is not my first time using the bath bars and the entire family likes them. They don't leave my skin feeling the same as my face feels after the shave soap, and in that I was disappointed. However, they are very gentle on the skin, moisturizing, and slick. I also agree that they could have lasted longer. Needless to say, I like the soap and ordered more. I rotate it in with Yardley.
  9. I love the soaps! I use the bar soap myself in the shower & the bath gel/foam (the bottled stuff) for the kids when they take a bath.
    Leaves the skin very nice & comfy. & The foam lathers like crazy, which is very, very positive if you ask a 4 year old :biggrin:
  10. If you want a 'bath soap' that feels, smells, and acts like MWF shave soap, use the shave soap in the bath!! Simple. It IS soap, it WILL clean you, and you already said it has the smell and feel you like. Who cares what it's 'officially' named!
  11. I probably would if price didn't matter. I think WCS just had a deal of the day where the MWF shaving soap refill was $10.99. That is too expensive (for me) for an everyday bath soap.

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