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  1. New to classic shaving and am looking to try out some new soaps. Preferably under £15 (around $25). I don't really know what I like yet except for I am not keen on creams. It would be great if I could get some suggestions!
  2. MWF, Tabac, Proraso, Fume (not one of the big boys but I like it a lot!), TOBS, Vitos, Palmolive sticks, Arko sticks, and a load of others that other people will be on here to recommend shortly!
  3. you've got that funny squiggly thing in your post (£) so I assume you are in the UK.

    Any soap from the British big 3 (Taylor of Old Bond Street, D.R. Harris, or Geo. Trumper). You can pick the scent but any of their soaps are good and should be tried

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  4. StuMcB

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    Latoja stick, Wilkinson stick, ARKO, Derby, Moos (if you can get it) +1 on the Tabac, Dr.Harris sticks and lets not forget Valobra.
  5. StuMcB

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    Sterling dear boy.....Sterling :thumbup:
  6. You know after trying a dozen different soaps at some point you will end up using Cella and Arko. You may as well save yourself a lot of trouble and try them now. :lol:

    I assume that you may be in the UK as you used the £ sign.

    Both are relatively cheap and are available online, Cella is around £7.50 plus freight from UK vendors, Arko can be had for various prices but has it at US$15 for 6 sticks. There may be better deals for Arko on Amazon but none of their deals will ship to Australia, I assume that they may not ship to the UK either but you may be lucky.

    Just remember Cella :001_wub: and Arko :lemo: , you know you want to. :biggrin:
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    Arko, Cella, Mitchells Wool Fat, Mike's Natural Soaps, Speick stick, Palmolive stick.
  8. Any French Soap -- preferably Instuit Karit. Stay away from Tabac and Mitchell Wool Fat -- can be frustrating to create a good lather.

    Although I never tried these soaps (Mike's Natural Soaps and Mystic) both have outstanding reputations from this board.
  9. DR Harris soaps are far and away my favorite. Both Lavender and Arlington rock.
  10. If you can purchase 3 soaps to start a rotation and build a collection. You can't go wrong with:

    1) Mike's Natural Soaps (top class Artisan soap which contain tallow, lanolin and shea butter)
    2) DR Harris Arlington (great scent and performer from one of the most famous UK soaps)
    3) Institute Karite (a veggie French soap)

    IMO TOBS and Trumpers are overrated.

    With these three you will have a good variety of soaps.
  11. Cella x 1000000
  12. I'd say D.R. Harris, it's a good soap to use as a standard to compare other soaps with.
  13. RazoRock soaps
    Mike's Natural Soap
  14. D.R. Harris, RazoRock, Cella, L'Occitane Cade and also Valobra, Speick, Palmolive and La Toja sticks. Palmolive stick is dirt cheap in Superdrug, Tescos, etc. Trumper soaps are good if you get a good one but quality amongst pucks of recent times is so variable, I wouldn't bother.
  15. You can get some of the French soaps reasonably. Institut Karite, Provence Sante and Pre de Provence are all excellent. Calani, Dittmar and Klar Seifen are excellent German soaps but may be more expensive -- they're worth it though.
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  16. my picks:

    Mitchells Wool Fat
    Klarr Kabinett (my favorite soap ever).
    Cella soft soap
    The french soap; Instuit Karit
  17. Institut Karite
    RazoRock (take your pick, but I'd start with Muguet de France)
    Dovo (it's called a cream, but it's really a soap)
    I Coloniali mango (it, too, is really a soap)
  18. I don't think he should avoid these soaps. True, MWF can be challenging for beginners to lather, but I've always found Tabac to be an easy soap to work with. I even had slightly hard water at my old apartment and was able to get a rich lather out of Tabac.
  19. Tabac is one of the easiest soaps to lather.....I don't get it.

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