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  1. With RAD setting in I purchased a Lady Gillette for my sweetie as well as an EJ89l for myself, and I see more razors in my future. So I'm thinking rather than the common razor and brush stand is see all over the place I would like to make or purchase something that would hold at least two razors and a brush.

    I could easily make something all from wood with indents, but I was thinking if I could find some cool old nickel or chrome plated hardware, of some sort that I could mount on a wooden upright stand or on the wall, that would be infinitely cooler. Anyway that's what's in my head, but I'm not sure if "razor hooks" of the sort I'm picturing actually exist or if some piece of hardware that was intended for some other purpose, but looks as if it were made for supporting razors might exist....

    I know I'm not the only one around here with more than one razor, and I know there are a lot of creative folks, so I'm curious what ideas you've come up with for displaying your razors on the bathroom vanity.
  2. Lots of solutions,but whatever you do,DO NOT hang the lady gillette closer than two feet from any of your man razors,evil things can happen in the night:glare:
  3. jtb


    Tooth Brush stands work well for razors.

    They have a chrome on at Bed Bath and Beyond that will hold 4 in a row.
  4. I never could find one. Although i never searched real hard. I always wanted a rack that would hold all my brushes but just ended up buying multiple stands. I could only find stands that would hold one razor and one brush. If you make one be sure to post pics. We love pics!!
  5. Oh I don't know about that. I would LOVE to add the offspring of a Lady Gillette and an Edwin Jagger to my collection. She can Mrs. Robinson my EJ any time ;)

  6. Ooh! Nifty :thumbup: I just bookmarked those.
  7. I haven't purchased one from there, decided to go with the pipe rack instead, but they seem nice and aren't too expensive. Do some searches or check the reviews, I thought somebody mentioned buying one a while back. Whatever you get you should probably plan for additional razors.
  8. Here's one I made. The wood is cherry.
  9. Yeah I'm sure I'll have more than two razors, but I'm not sure if I would ever want more than two out on the bathroom vanity at a time. I just don't like to clutter the vanity area with too much stuff. That only makes it harder to clean. I might like to have a space for my straight as well though.
  10. A little imagination, and some scrap wood laying around can lead to something like this (guess it's time to build a bigger one):

  11. Shane at cutting edge razors just made me a custom wall mount in 3/16" plastic. He did a fantastic job making mine that holds 2 razors and 3 brushes.
  12. I like the look of the multiple brush/razor combo accrylic stands. I just ordered a chrome single brush/razor stand from eBay, but now I'm interested in the single brush + 2 DE acrylic, mainly because I want to pick up a decent Tech/Knack or modern 3-piece to compliment my '70 Super Adjustable. I can't see myself being the type to every want more than one brush out drying at a time, but I would like to see a couple of razors out at a time.
  13. I use a 5 hole antique pipe rack which was less than $20 on Ebay. Missed out on a 12 hole this week o house my expanding collection. It went for around $30 equivalent (it was from the UK)
  14. Looks like I might rethink how many razors I want it to support. With last night's ebay score, my tally just went form 2 to 5! Still not sure I'll want more than 2 out at a time, but I guess I'll wait until I've used most of them to decide how I want to arrange the vanity.
  15. I saw something at a antique store recently that got me thinking, a rack for spoon collectors. Similar to this
    View attachment 141956
    Looked like it would work well but the little slots might need opened up. Had they not wanted $25 I probably would have picked it up, but I'm cheap so I will hold out:001_tongu.

  16. That's very nice!! I need to experiment with things like this.
  17. I use the toothbrush holder from IKEA:


    Here is it in action:

  18. ooh! nice one! I love me some Ikea!
  19. Yeah, I recently got something similar at BBB.

    The things I don't like about them is 1) they tend to fall over a bit if you put two heavy razors on the same side; and 2) To safely get razors out you have to 'push' them up from the bottom up instead of sliding them out of a notch. Unless you want to risk pulling them out by the head and gashing your finger (like I did once).


    Jeff in Boston

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