Multiple-choice: Your favorite brush(es)...

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Codfish, Aug 7, 2012.

Your favorite brush(es)?

  1. Badger

  2. Boar

  3. Synthetic

  4. Horse

  5. Other (what did I miss?)

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  1. This is a multiple-choice poll to identify your favorite brush types. You may choose more than one if you'd like. As always comments are encouraged.

    The poll is identical to one done five months ago, and is designed to reflect changes in shavers' responses.
  2. Love both badger & boar.

    Horse feels ok on my face, but I just can't get it to lather like the others. Maybe it doesn't hold as much water or something? Dunno - I just find myself using horse a lot less than either of the two b's.

    Never tried a synthetic. But from snips I've read it sounds like there's a MUCH higher variance between types/brands than in any of the natural knots. I would expect peoples feelings on synth's to be all over the place.
  3. The new Muhle synthetics are particularly good. I own one myself (the 23 mm) and don't feel the need to get another brush now. :)
  4. Two band badger (big, dense, and with a short loft) by a mile.
  5. cryhavoc

    cryhavoc Contributor

    I am a boar and horse man
  6. Art is King!
  7. Voted horse.

    IMHO horse hair brushes have all the favorable qualities of badger, boar and synthetic rolled into one.
  8. I've tried them all except for boar. My current fave is a Muhle HJM Synthetic. Probably wouldn't work worth a darn with soaps, but works wonders creams. Softest, silkiest brush I have and that includes some Rooney super silvertips. The badgers are a close second and work well with any kind of lathering source. I do like my Vie Long Horse Hair for soaps - it generates some of the best soap lather of my brushes. I haven't ventured into boar - it would seem to me like lathering with a large toothbrush.
  9. My strong preference has always been for badger but I am currently using a string of boar brushes (see boar brush journey thread if you are interested) and I have gained a new appreciation for them. I don't think that they will replace my Shavemacs, Da vincis, Kents, etc, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the performance of some of these brushes.


  10. I use badger, boar, and horse hair brushes but badgers are my favourites 90% of the time.
  11. 1. Badger Silvertip/Super 2-Band
    2. Badger Silvertip/Super 3-Band
    3. Mühle Silvertip Fibres

    My 2 Mühle Silvertip Fibre brushes are really growing on me (21 mm Stylo Thuja and 25 mm classic), that I have to admit :a14:
  12. Niles

    Niles Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I use boar and badger regularly. At the moment I prefer boars.
  13. I only have one brush, an old Rubberset, and it has a badger knot in it.
  14. Lol!
  15. Except they don't dry as fast as a synthetic brush. Other then that they are great. But there are different qualities and types of horses as well, something new enthusiast sometimes seem to forget.
  16. I have my Acrylic Dual Razor & Dual Brush Stand, Every Ready F40 Horsehair Brush (L), Merkurs's 23C & 38C Razors (C), and Every Ready 200T Finest Badger Brush (R). Both Brushes are 20mm Knots & 50mm Lofts.

    [​IMG] “Laughter is the [shaving] brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart”. Mort Walker

  17. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    I have not tried a boar brush in quite a few years. I prefer badger by a wide margin. I use a synthetic brush when I travel because it dries so much faster but I prefer the feel and performance of badger. One of these days I will buy a boar brush. I had one years ago but don't know what happened to it.
  18. Boar and Badger for me!
  19. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    Jim, one brush you missed are the combo brushes. I have a Caswell-Massey brush that is a combo of boar and badger.
  20. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Definitely badgers for me, with boars in second spot.

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