multicartridge mach3 better than safety razor?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by BJJ, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Guys, i don know whats happening but everytime i shave with multicartridge (mach3) i get a much close shaving than
    safety razor (merkur using derby blade)... i dont know if its because its only 3 months that i shave with safety razor, for me i'm doing the right edge, or i dont know if the derby blade is no good, i need your help ....

  2. i used to think this for maybe the first 6 months of using a de but keep working on your technique and you will be able to get better shaves than with carts
  3. Try a different blade.

    Derby was horrible for me... either a terrible shave, or a bloodbath, and this was in both Merkur 38C and Muhle R41.
  4. You can get a great close shave using either a DE razor or a multi-blade cartridge razor. Do what ever you want and shave using what ever works for you. If you are happy with the shave you get from a Mach3 and your happy spending the money on the replacement cartridges then keep using them.

    You have provided almost no information about your shaving routine with your Merkur. Nobody here will be able to help you until you provide information.
  5. Try different blades and work on technique. Derbys never really did it for me.
  6. I always got really close shaves with Mach III... too close. I'd always end up breaking out and getting ingrown hairs, which made daily shaving difficult/painful. Even if I do too many passes with a DE, I never get ingrowns.
  7. I'd go to Wal-Mart and get some Wilkinson Sword blades or if they have them, Personna. Although your angle and prep may be off, too.
  8. My Gillette Fusion gives me a great close comfortable shave every time, but I have to replace the blade about every 5 days and that was just to expensive for me. I don't claim to get a closer or better shave with my DE razor, but I enjoy it much much more and the shaves are always DFS and sometimes BBS and no matter if I shave with a DE razor or Fusion I still end up with 5 O'clock shadow everyday.
  9. +1 - Carts work out fine for some guys. If it's not broken, don't fix it. If you aren't liking the carts nor the DE we'd need to know about your routine for face prep and shaving before being able to provide any assistance.
  10. The Mach 3 is a safety razor.
  11. I agree Derbys are horrible for me too
  12. I'm in the same boat as razerburn, with the added part that it still wasn't good on the curly parts of my facial hair in terms of closeness. Even with Derby it's better, but try other blades. I'm really liking personna with my EJ86
  13. My guess is it just takes time to get great shaves with a DE sometimes. I continued getting better and better for well over a year when I started DE shaving. I would also try several different blades to make sure it's not the Derby's. Your shaves with carts might have gotten better because of your routine getting better after learning about wet shaving?
  14. The tradition DE takes at least two passes to get a good shave. How many passes have you been doing?

    The MachIII can give a pretty close shave with one pass going against the grain. I get great shaves with my MachIII and Atra. The big interest to me with the traditional DE is how much cheaper it is for blades.
  15. Get yerself a '56 Red Tip Super Speed, a Feather blade, a brush and some Proraso shaving cream and you'll get a better shave.
  16. Well explained. I don't know that DE/SE/injector razors are superior to cartridge razors for me; I just prefer the former and actually enjoy shaving now.
  17. Interesting.
    I mean I got better shaves with a DE blade after 3 shaves. I'll never go back. and I'm only 5 weeks in. I had to change cartridges way too often to get close shaves.
  18. musicman1951

    musicman1951 Steward Contributor

    Derbys don't work well for me, either. I can't shave every day with carts.
  19. After only a month I am getting much better shaves on my Merkur 34C HD with Merkur blades than I ever did with the Mach 3. I could never shave ATG on my neck with a cartridge but can now do about half my neck ATG and working slowly towards full ATG. I bought a blade sampler pack and will work my up to feathers. Derby are next after the Merkurs and I am little scared to change given some ordinary reviews. But you never know till you try
  20. Mach 3 wasn't for me, I found it caused too much irritation both to my face and my wallet. After I first switched to wet shaving with the DE razor, I still got some razor burn but as my technique improved, so did my shaves. Nearly 2 years later and I've saved quite a bit of money by spending $1.79 for 10 blades vs spending $24+ for 8 of the Mach 3 cartridges .

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