Muhle Silvertip Fiber my only brush?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by David in Boston, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. In my wet-shaving journey I've tried quite a lot of brushes. And they were badgers from Simpson to boars from Omega. Liked them all for the most part but keep changing in search of the perfect brush. Then I tried natural horse hair brushes and liked them as they had all the positive aspects of boar and badger combined. I liked them so much I sold all my brushes and now have horse with the exception of one Muhle Silvertip Fiber brush. Strangely I been reaching for the Silvertip brush daily for over a week. IMHO this may be the perfect brush. It does everything as in works well with soaps,(Tabac) not floppy, dries fast and creates plenty of foam for three to four passes. Now I'm having second thoughts about all natural bristle brushes when they compare to this synthetic fiber brush. I think Mule has a great product here and in fact may be the way of the future for shave brushes. BTW, I have a model 31 K 256 brush which works great for face lathering. To my surprise I may be selling my horse hair brushes in the near future.
  2. I also have the 21mm 31K256. Fantastic brush. The right amount of stiffness for soap and the tips are soft. Muehle has a winner on their hand. I was reading somewhere on the forum that they have released V2.0 of their Silvertip Fibre brushes.
  3. I enjoy variety, but I'd be perfectly okay with a synthetic being my only brush. They certainly dry faster, and perhaps may be more durable than natural hairs.
  4. If the V2.0 is even better that would be great. Considering the brush I have now is just about perfect for me.
  5. I have been giving serious thought into picking one up. I am a fan of the company and their view for innovation, design and quality. The more I read about members who purchase a Muhle synthetic and the high praise that comes with one, the more I am convinced I should get one. Thank you for sharing David.
  6. Any links for new version?

    is Connaught the best price?
  7. I've never used a synthetic fiber brush before.....maybe I should give one a try
  8. has similar prices but better selection of handles/knot combos.
  9. Is there any difference?

    Why v1 and v2 is there isn't any difference?
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  10. $43 seems to be the connaught price to the states
  11. For those who want to spend less, I have the cheaper Muhle HJM black fibre (purchased at Connaught, $25 shipped). It works great for face lathering with triple-milled as well as softer soaps. It's the only brush I use.
  12. Enjoy the brush. They are quite nice. If you want a cheaper brush, the Frank Shaving synthetics are also very nice.
  13. I have exactly the samen idea lately.
    If I were to have only one brush, it could very well be one of those sophisticated workhorses of the Muhle silvertip fibers line.

    My preference is the 23 mm model.
    It is a fantastic allrounder.
  14. The V2 brush fibers are thinner, allowing more to be packed into a given knot size. More fibers equal greater density. Thinner fibers allow for shorter lofts to more closely emulate natural-hair knots. The V2's have a truly luxursious feel as well as even better performance than the V1 series. My favorites are the 21mm and 23mm sizes, which I switch back and forth on. Here is a picture of my V2 set:

    $Silvertip Fibre line-up.jpg
  15. Jim, a v2 set already!
    They look fantastic.
  16. As Claus indicated, it is possible to order them directly through Mühle.
  17. Nice indeed my nearby friend! But in my own oppinion, not quite as good. I own both, but I find the fibers Muhle uses in their synthetic brushes to be superior in face feel and lathering ability! I would suggest the 21mm or no bigger than 23mm to keep a decent stiffness to it. Though my 25 is very nice, I find it a tad soft for hard soaps.

    Thanks for the V2 explanation Jim.
  18. That fiber composite type seems vague familiar <says with smile>.
    This series will be a great addition to allow this fiber to be used in a variety of brush sizes and more traditional type handles.

    Thanks for the view Jim.
  19. seems like muhle direct is double the price of connaught and makes no mention of V2 on their selections.
  20. Gary, I'm sure you will find that the new V2 fibers are remarkably similar to those in the H.I.S. brush. I know I did! The physical fiber composition is very close, but Mühle has done better to make the knots more natural in appearance, and add superior handles. Performance characteristics are similar, with tho relative lofts of the Mühle brushes shorter than previous generations--very much akin to their natural cousins.
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