Muhle Shaving Set, Boar Brushes, P.160, Plisson, Harris Soaps and Blade Sampler

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  1. The listed prices include Priority Mail Shipping with delivery confirmation within CONUS. I will ship outside CONUS, just PM for the price.

    1) Muhle Stylo Butterscotch Shaving Set - $185 - includes the razor, brush and stand. The brush is Silvertip, and is made with the threaded knot so different Muhle knots can be substituted. I believe knots in Finest & Pure Badger and Synthetic material can be purchased from Muhle and used in this handle. The Silvertip knot in this brush is listed at 21mm and the loft on this one is 54-55 mm. This brush has been used approximately 5 times, and is in excellent condition. The Stylo razor comes with the new Muhle/EJ head and is a well-balanced, excellent shaver. It has been lightly used, and is in excellent condition. Set comes in the original box.

    2) Plisson Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl with Wooden Lid - $45 - this is new and the soap is still sealed.
    3) SOLD - P.160 Tipo Duro - 400 grams - $25 - I cut some pieces off this block. This is the remaining, unused portion. The soap was purchased within the last 6 months and has been kept in a dark, cool place place in a ziplock bag since being opened.
    4) SOLD - D.R. Harris Almond Soap/Bowl - $23- The bowl is used (I finished the first puck in it). This soap puck is new. The bowl is in excellent condition with no defects.

    5) Blade Sampler Pack with partial tube of Lavanda Shave Cream - $25 - REDUCED to: $21 or $16 (if you just want the blades and not the shaving cream). The sampler pack includes 80 blades: Feather (10), Super Iridiums (10), Shark Super Chrome (10), Treet Durasharp (20), Dorco ST-301 (10), Rapira (5), Nacet (5), and Personna Medical Prep (10). The tube of Lavanda has about 50-60% remaining.

    6) Boar brushes - both are SOLD
    a) The Semogues Owners Club (ash wood handle) - $30
    - I purchased it new, and it has been lightly used.
    b) Vulfix No. 2234 with Faux Horn Handle - $20 - I purchased it new, and it has also been lightly used.
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  2. Pm on P160
  3. Chris, top notch offerings as always! Best of luck with the sale!
  4. Price reduction on the Blade Sampler Pack

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