Muhle "Retro Series"

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  1. So, there is a press release posted on the Muhle site that mentions a new, limited edition brush in the new "Retro Series" to be released next month.

    No pictures are available, but the knot is to be 25mm.

    I am very curious about this. I haven't received a response from Muhle to the email I sent them.

    Does any one know anything about this? Care to speculate on the style?

    There was an eBay listing for a vintage Muhle brush, two tone, which may be the style.
  2. Looking forward to this. I have soft spot for Mühle design, even though their brushes are on the floppy side, I still enjoy them highly and own 3 Mühle brushes.......currently......will add more soon, I think :001_cool:
  3. Love my mühle to, Both the classic and stylo silvertip.
  4. Have not heard anything. Sounds interesting.
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  6. I like both the first and last one in the top photo.....very nice.
  7. I hope they won't be too floppy, as all Mühle are for my taste.

    Or do I hope they'll be floppy? Save some €€€ that way :D
  8. I cant wait to find out!
  9. Some of the handle colors sound very interesting and promising!

  10. sweet
  11. Fantastic!
  12. On there FB page they have pics of the new brushes. No synthetics, however.
  13. Let me quote some of the FB pics here:

    The collection:

    In butterscotch:


    In pistacchio:


    In azur:


    And in faux ivory:

    Rumor has it that the knots are 25 mm and have a 'long binding'.

    I know which ones are on my list!
  14. They sure look nice! :thumbup: at 25mm with "long binding" they'll be too large & floppy for my liking :(
  15. StuMcB

    StuMcB Contributor

    Look nice but not what I was hoping for. Some of the older styles would have been real nice. Anyone got an idea on price?
  16. /me thinks Pistacchio :thumbup:
  17. Sure hope they didn't "color enhance" the photos. Methinks that would result in pure mayhem!!

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