Muhle r89 vs Muhle r89 Grande?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by manky1, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. How do they compare?
    Firstly a bit of an intro just signed up this is my first post. I am a 22 year old male. Have shaved with disposable razors, double bladed Gillette, gillette vibrator, mach 3, Schick quattro titanium etc Never really found the love for shaving, never something i looked forward to or enjoyed doing. I am on my last schick blade and decided to try safety razors. I cannot wait to start. I have even started using the single trimmer blade on the back of my Schick as practice. I *think* my skin is somewhat sensitive as shaving with cartridge razors often meant wiping the blood away from under my chin afterwards. I also think my beard hair is slightly coarse.

    I am the sort of person who researches things thoroughly before they buy, I am also a bit of a tight a*se. Needless to say I have done allot of googling about safety razors. I was looking at the feather popular but saw comments of people referring to it as a travel razor so decided it was not a good long term solution. (I buy things once and do it properly). Anyway to the point.. I am considering the muhle r89. But don't know whether to get the r89 or the r89 grande, how do they compare?

    ##The R89 Grande is simply an extra long handled version of Mühle's famed R89, with a total length of 107mm compared to the R89's 95mm and weight of 80g versus the R89's 66g. Precision manufactured in Germany.

    this is what it says on the site, but what do you recommend, what are the real 'in practice' differences rather than factual differences ?
  2. Welome to B & B!

    It sounds like you're doing your due diligence. As to Grande vs. not, I can't comment. I only have the regular R89, and get terrific shaves from it. Longer, heavier handles tend to change the balance of a razor. The change in balance is very subjective shave-wise. For me, it simply changes where on the handle I grip the razor.

    Just to muddy the waters a bit: The Muhle R89 shares the same head with Edwin Jagger's DE89 line of razors. So there's all those handle choices too.

    I wish you the best of luck on your shaving journey.

    Again, welcome to the forum.
  3. i think i will go for the grande because my hands are rather big and the grande is closer to the length of my schick quattro

    I spent alot of time googling before setting my eye on the muhle r89 and it looks to be a pretty good razor? One thing i don't understand though is what are the numbers for do they mean anything or are they just model references? e.g muhle r89 , parker 90 r , merkur 34c etc
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    Handle length and weight makes a razor shave better or worse depending on your shave preference.
  5. I use the Edwin jagger de89l and the handle seems nice.
  6. Welcome to B&B!

    There was some discussion a while back about the regular Muhle R41 versus the R41 Grande. They share the same handles as the Muhle R89 and R89 Grande. Some people preferred the regular handle, saying it makes the razor more maneuverable, while others preferred the Grande handle for its extra weight and grip-ability (is that a word?). Do a search.

    The numbers (eg, 89 and 41) mean something, but I don't know what (other than designating the razor's head and/or handle).
  7. I ordered a brand new Muhle r89 grande this morning, will hopefully turn up today / tomorrow:biggrin1:. I am excited, being a tight a*se I felt like a bit of a sucker spending nearly $100 on shaving stuff this morning, but it looks so cool, there is definitely some sort of guilty pleasure attached to this.
  8. Just ain't felt nuthin' yet. :w00t:
  9. $IMG_0003.jpg
    First impressions (pre-shave) after using catridge razors:
    * looks nice
    *the handle is short
    *it is heavy to hold
    *oh wow it looks nice though

    Impressions (post shave):
    *balance is fine, would not change it
    *hollow handle? didn't notice it
    *I thought handle was too short and it was heavy to hold , what was I on about, not an issue after shaving with it
    *Shaving with this feels bad-ass
    *I have never been able to shave my chin so close with next to no irritation
    *This is pretty forgiving, do not feel like I am risk of cutting myself
    *The open gaps on the back of the razor are good to stick something in to clear hairs out mid shave
    *Although I love it I would not be able to have a super fast speed shave with it in half a minute. Then again doing that with a cartridge would hack my face anyway and this is my first ever de shave , so technique is probably terrible
    *Now my shave routine will take half an hour as i carefully clean and strip down my precision tool, but i enjoy it

    What is best for over-night storage? is the hot water cupboard a good or bad place? also should i store it with the head tightened against the blade or loose?
  10. :thumbup:


    Easier just to swish the razor in water, I think.

    You'll be able to go faster with practice, but you probably won't want to if you can avoid it.

    That's the spirit! :thumbup:

    I would store the the razor in a dry place, if possible, but don't lose sleep over it.

    Tightened, definitely. Or take the razor apart for storage. Loosely screwed with a blade inside sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.
  11. Enjoy the new razor!
    With practice, your technique will improve and the shave will be more intuitive.

    If you feel inclined to try something different, I suggest a shorter heavier handle such as the Weber bulldog - you should notice a a different shaving dynamic. DE razors are awesome!!
  12. At the moment I am storing the razor in the hot water cupboard with the head tightened (but i completely dismantle and wipe it down after use). I am currently shaving with oil so the hairs stick to it. I do not think i would want a shorter handle, my hand span from thumb to pinky is 24cm fully stretched. Saying that i did not feel the handle was too short when shaving. I am looking forward to my next shave:thumbup:
  13. Just got my R89 Grande on Saturday, have had two of the greatest shaves yet since i started DE shaving about 3 weeks ago (yes i am a newbie), already tossed out my cheap first DE razor (Shaving Factory TTO).
    so far, it was a great investment.
  14. I am too late to answer this question since you've already made your choice and are happy, but I have both the Grande and Regular Muhle handles. I do not have large hands or small hands...just normal. I prefer the length of the Grande handle, but the diameter of the regular Muhle handle. I have a bit of nerve damage in my extremities, and the Grande handle makes my hands hurt for some reason by the end of the shave. The regular diameter is just perfect for me, but I prefer a slightly longer handle.

    The only real disappointment I have with the Muhle is the handle really doesn't have much grip. It looks like it would when viewing it on the internet, but the knurling is so shallow as to really offer almost no grip at all, compared to a lot of other handles. Outside of that, Muhle makes an outstanding razor and the shave is fantastic.

    Store the razor tightened down on the blade. Taking it apart and cleaning everything after each shave is a good idea. Just make sure to pat the blade only, don't wipe it. If you do, you risk removing any coating the maker may have put on the blade edge to help it shave more smoothly. Also, by wiping you may accidentally dull the edge if you were to run the towel down the edge of the blade or something. Rinse well, pat dry, problems.

  15. Jeff is the Grande handle actually thicker too? I didn't know that.
  16. As far as tightening the razor head after use and cleaning, I have never done that. What I have always done after use and cleaning is tighten the handle then twist back half a turn so air can flow through the head and blade, then hang the razor on a stand. This way there if there is any moisture on the blade or on the top/bottom of the head it will air itself out.

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