Muhle R89 vs Merkur HD (34c)?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm still confused about those 2 safety razors.
    I've a sensitive skin and a bit tough beard, so it's important a good product.
    I often have some folliculitis under my chin and neck but I'm working on it.
    I use Omega n°48 for brush and Cella for shaving cream.
    Which those informations that I give to you, which one is better between Muhle R89 and Merkur 34c (HD)?
    Thanks and cheers from Italy
  2. Both the Muhle R89 and Merkur 34 are great razors, the Merkur being slightly more aggressive. The finish/quality of the Muhle is far superior though. The Edwin Jagger (EJ)89L has the same head as the Muhle but a different handle. Personal of course, but I find the lined handle of the EJ gives more grip, and the heavier handle, better balance than the Muhle. Only my opinion. You also need to consider blades as well since the wrong blade in a good razor will not perform well. I find the sharper blades work best in these razors. In short, I would buy the Muhle/EJ89L and pair it with a blade like the Feather. Glad to see you have Cella- the best soap Italy has, the best soap ever, period!
    I migliori auguri e buona fortuna nella tua rasatura DE. Tenerci informati per quanto riguarda i vostri progressi.

  3. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Il Muhle R89 ha una finitura in Cromo davvero eccellente ed è costruito come se fosse un orologio svizzero: un capolavoro di ingegneria e meccanica, realizzato con materiali di primissima scelta. Il Merkur HD è anche esso un meraviglioso rasoio ed uno dei più diffusi tra i classici Double Edge. Consiglio entrambi. Ricordati di procedere lentamente, senza fare pressione sul rasoio e la follicolite sul collo sparirà.

  4. Sono assolutamente d'accordo, Marco.:thumbup1:

  5. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

  6. It's amazing that I understand what you wrote, Marco. I know most words and deduct the rest.. I never had studied Italian. So it is true that the Romanian language is a latin language.

    Ohh, on topic, yes the R89 is much better than the Merkur 34C. I have them both and the R89 is better. It shaves better and it looks amazing.

    Ciao :)
  7. Thanks a lot to all of you guys, so I'll buy the Muhle R89!!
    Grazie a tutti
  8. I don't speak Italian but am curious if my translation is correct:

    The Muhle R89 has an excellent chrome finish and is made like a Swiss watch.​

    the head is engineered(designed) and machined from first rate material ​

    The Mercur HD is also a marvelous razor and a bit more (difficult or different) than the classic Double Edge.​

    Recommend something(?)​

    Proceed slowly, without any pressure on the razor, and (avoid or treat seperatly) the areas with foliculitis.​

    So, how did I do?
  9. The Muhle is an excellent choice. I love mine.
  10. the Muhle R89 is STUNNING in person. perfect weight and great shave.

    i threw a feather in mine the other day and think i might have cured my RAD. it gave me a DFS and an irritation free shave, even with my sensitive skin.

    LOVE IT :tongue_sm
  11. Go for the E Jagger DE 89L, DE 86, or DE 87 instead. Pick the one with the handle you like best; the heads are the same.
  12. I love my R89, but i also love my HD. I'd say the HD is a bit more aggressive, but the finish on the R89 is better. I bought a new handle for my R89 as the one that comes with it was too slippery for me, so thanks to razorbob, I have one that's similar to the merkur, but a bit nicer.
  13. Though the shaves aren't miles apart their balance is as well as their feel.

    Hard to tell what you like best before trying them. I do agree with most posters that the Mühle takes quality a few steps further. I also like it much more during my shave.....
  14. Muhle compared to a Merkur.

    No way!

    Get the Muhle.

    It is a fine shaving instrument.
  15. This is exactly what I believe. Why spend the extra $30ish dollars for the same product? This just doesn't make sense.

    Also by buying the Edwin Jagger, you can put the savings towards another brush or shaving cream or a shaving bowl, etc...
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  16. Marco

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    Your translation is almost perfect, Roger! :thumbup: Are you sure you never studied Italian?
  17. on Shaving(dot)ie there's only a 5€ difference between them..
    So, in terms of quality or materials are both the same?
  18. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Not exactly. (Let's proceed in English, in order to allow our B&B friends to understand). The Chrome finish on the Muhle, as well as on the Edwin Jagger razors, is MUCH better than on any other DE razor. Compared to Muhle and EJ, here in Europe, Merkur razors are a bit more expensive. Finish aside, both the Muhle R89 and the Merkur HD are great razors and suited for a wet shaver beginner.
  19. Nope, never studied Italian, but am from French-Canadian stock...the Latin roots of both languages makes them surprisingly similar:001_smile
  20. With all your advices, I will go for EJ DE89L
    Thanks again, I'll inform you maybe in march!

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