muhle R89 vs merkur 34 C

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  1. can anyone give me a comparison between the shaves on these two razors. Is the aggressiveness about the same on both and or smoothness. I did find the B&B chart on aggressiveness and blade gaps, but I dont think the gap has everything to do with it, because I have reference on some of the razors listed. For instance a Futur on 1 has a bigger gap than all the other adjustable razors at there higest settings, thats kind of hard to imagine, the quality of shave, Thanks
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  2. The Merkur is also a bit more aggressive because it's heavier. The Muhle is much smoother, more forgiving and just easier to handle while still managing to give me a BBS after 2 passes. Even without taking its superb finish into account, the R89 is the superior razor, in my view.
  3. The difference in shave between the 34C and the R89 is more about balance with the R89 being a little head-heavy and the 34C with the weight more in the handle. A typical YMMV thing here; what do you prefer?

    Both are good razors but I have to say that the craftmanship on the Mühle is of much better quality; the Merkurs are ok and the Mühles are superb.
  4. I have both of them.
    Since I got the Muhle R89, the Merkur 34 is collecting dust!

    The Muhle is better balanced(head heavy), looks gorgeous, good grip, and it is a smooth shaver.
    The HD has a weird balance, IMO. The grip is very good and I like that it is a 2 piece. But it was too aggressive and uncomfortable for me.
  5. They are both great but I would say that the Merkur is only a tad more aggressive. I like using the EJ 89L more.
  6. I have the Muhle R89 and the Merkur HD 34c and I like them both very much.

    I used the 34c this week 3 times and got a DFS to BBS depending on how much time I had.

    The Muhle is prettier and has a longer handle. I find it a little less aggressive than the HD but either will get you to the BBS promised land if your technique is good.

    The Muhle lists for 50% more than the HD so it should be more polished. Muhle seems to be trying to position themselves upmarket of Merkur.
  7. And that is the strange part of it. Here in the Netherlands they are less than 1 euro apart.
  8. And in the UK, the 34C is around £6 more than the Muhle! Work that one out!:confused1

  9. BTW are the Muhle closed head all the same ?
    Is the 106r s head same than the 89 s ?


  10. Yes, the 89 uses the Muhle head.

  11. Papi,

    For me, the Muhle (R109 in my case) is the better shaver and is also much better finished than my 34C.

    Have fun !

    Best regards

  12. +1. I have the EJ89L rather than the Muhle, but either way, the Merkur finish can't compete.

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    I tested them both side-by-side a little while back. The brief review might help your decision.....


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