Muhle R41 Grande - Surprised!

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  1. I just completed my second shave with my new Muhle R41 Grande with the 2013 head using a Personna Red blade. Each shave was after a two day growth. Overall I was pleasantly surprised. I was very nervous about trying this razor due to it's aggressive reputation however it shaved really well for me. Like I said each shave was performed after a two day growth and I have a pretty course beard. I took my time and used very little pressure. I only had one small weeper after each shave in the same spot. I really like the razor and will use it especially if I have multiple day growth but I can't say if it is going to be an everyday razor. I need to shave everyday for my job and I personally don't think I need a razor this aggressive for everyday use. The quality is very nice and the price point isn't to bad either. I can say that it really helps reinforce proper form. I would recommend this razor to anyone who may have been holding off because of it's reputation or to someone who is looking for an aggressive razor. In my opinion it gave me a BBS shave after three passes and some minor touch ups. I am a fan but like I already said I don't think it will be an everyday razor for me, but then again I've learned to never say never. I enjoy collecting razors and in my short time doing so I have nine and this is a nice razor for a collection.
  2. Once you get a few more shaves in with it, you'll lose all the apprehension. I recently purchased one as well, and love the shave it gives. It shaves so close I can almost skip a shave. I also have a number of razors in my collection and use a different one each day. I totally agree on "it really helps reinforce proper form". I hope you enjoy the grande, I found the regular handle too light.
  3. I am still curious about the newer model. I enjoy using my older version but there is always that curiosity simmering away :001_smile
  4. I'm hoping to be able to post a full review of the R41 2013 this weekend. I've had the new model for about a month, and have used in both the original and Grande versions.

    I have to say that I'm very impressed with the new version. Mühle seems to have addressed user concerns with the 2011 model without substantially changing the shaving characteristics that many of us loved. They've tamed the beast, but in a good way!
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  5. Congrats on the new razor and happy to hear it's shaving well for you.
  6. Thanks for the review. I may give one a try :eek:)
  7. Soooo, have you ordered one yet?:001_rolle
  8. I'm going to continue to use it on a regular basis. I shaves nicely and after a few shaves it may continue to grow on me.
  9. There's always a reason to get a new razor and it sounds like you have a pretty good one, lol. I can't compare it to the older model but the 13 didn't seem nearly as aggressive of a beast as the other has been made out to be. The 13 is surely aggressive but it did give me a comfortable BBS shave with proper form and little to no pressure.
  10. Your welcome. I'm glad I gave it a try I was pleasantly surprised.
  11. I look forward to your review and thoughts on the new version. I enjoyed your review on the ATT Titan H1.
  12. The review has been posted. If you'd like, we can discus it here in this thread.
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  13. Can't wait to hear a comparison to the older more aggressive model. I really enjoy my R41. I like the aggressive nature of it even though I have to be cautious. It's always rewarding if I take my time.
  14. Great review on the 2013 R41. I just finished reading it. It's spot on, IMHO. I can't stress this razor enough to wet shavers who have either wrote this razor off because of its reputation or to those looking for an aggressive razor. I really think if you give this razor a shot you will be very pleased with the results. Also do yourself a favor and read the review that Codfish posted on the 2013 R41.
  15. Jim/Codfish, you NAILED it! This thing shaves freaking awesome! I think people who tried 2011 r41 and passed on them should give it another shot with this newer version. I have mine out on loan hoping to win over a "OC" hater! Great review!
  16. In the review, you said you paid $45 for the razor. Where can I find one for that price?
  17. mine came from for about the same price.
  18. The gentlemen are correct. Connaught's and have been offering great prices including shipping to the U.S.
  19. Did someone in this thread order a 2013 from Connaught and receive a 2011 instead?

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