Muhle R101?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I need informations about this Open comb razor
    Found it over here, it's almost new so I would like to hear your opinions before I buy

  2. It is a bit hidden but you could take these reviews as a starter. The R41 has an identical head as the R101. It is just the handle that is different.

    I love the R41; a rather mild but efficient shaver. Due to the small blade gap it only works well when you get your angles right, which is in fact not a bad thing at all! :thumbup1:
  3. i've debated on getting the Muhle R41 to compliment my R89. i was worried the open comb on the Muhle R41 would be too agressive for my sensitive skin, but you say you it's quite MILD?
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    I own a R41 and I also have sensitive skin. It is a great razor and does not irritate my skin like some other open combs, Old Type, tend to. For me it is somewhere in between a Gillette Short Comb New (a bit aggressive on my face) and Long Comb New (very comfortable on my face) in terms of aggressiveness.
  5. Yes it certainly is. Not as mild as a Tech but still.

    For some reason a lot of guys think an open comb is aggressive because it has an open comb. Well, that is not so; the open comb doesn't do much than combing your hair and (with serious growth) and let them go more easily once shaved off. Blade gap and 'freedom' of the blade make a razor more or less aggressive and whether it has a safety bar or an open comb doesn't make any difference.
  6. Oh, yes, it's mild. I find it more maneuverable than my EJ DE87 (which has the same head as the R89).
  7. well, i think if i get an OC, i'll get the MUHLE 101 black handle. then i can interchange the handles on these razors. i'll have a BLK, CHROME MUHLE and an IVORY EJ handles and 2 Closed Heads and 1 OPEN. swap away....

    i was leaning towards the Muhle OC Chrome, but i already have a chome handled Muhle R89, so might as well mix it up.
  8. I got an R101 for Christmas and I love it! I find it pretty mild, perhaps a bit more aggressive then my R89. One minor issue; the middle plate, the one that has the teeth of the comb, is not plated to quite the same standard as the rest of the razor. I have the impression that it's made by Merkur. I wrote to Muhle about this and they replied that they're aware of the issue and are trying to correct it. But don't get me wrong, this is a well-made razor and a great little shaver. I'd recommend it to anyone.
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  9. I just pulled the trigger on a Muhle 41, I will let u know what I think this week I hope. Deliveries have been really quick recently. :thumbup1:
  10. There's a lot to like. I used my R41 with a new Personna Med Prep blade last week. During the shave I kept checking to see if I'd forgotten to put the blade in, it was that smooth.
  11. I completely agree with Tailbeard, R41 mild shave and best with ideal angles.

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