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  1. I see these soap mugs say $15+ are these just coffee mugs....or something special? I plant to order a brush and soap..but some of these mug prices seem comical?
  2. just use a cereal bowl or something similar.
    I use a rice bowl from Target - $2.99
  3. Thrift-shops -- in particular, "Goodwill" thrift-shops -- are the place to find inexpensive (read: dirt-cheap) mugs and bowls. I bought a Sterling-silver bowl, approx. 6" x 1.5", for $1.50 at a "Goodwill" thrift-shop. OK, it was black as the ace of spades with tarnish, but once I'd cleaned-and-polished it, it gleamed. I named it "Goodwill Hunting".

    Most mugs are too narrow for you to develop a good lather and, anyway, it's not a good practice to build lather in the same container in which the shaving-soap is kept.

    What works best for me (YMMV) is to first "load" my shaving brush with soap or dip it into a shaving-cream container, and then slowly build the lather in a bowl or large-diameter mug.

    Again, save your money for shaving soaps/creams and/or EDT/EDC, and buy "previously-owned" where possible. After all, if we're willing to buy "vintage" (read: used) DEs, then why not mugs and bowls, as well?

    Smooth shaving!
  4. Thanks...thats exactly what I was thinging
  5. Doc4

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    It all boils down to how much you want to spend on bathroom counter eye candy!
  6. Buy you a large ceramic coffee/hot chocolate mug or soup bowl from Target or Wal-Mart...

    Works fine if you gotta have one...

    Enjoy your shave...:biggrin:
  7. Do most people mix up a lather in a bowl, or just start lather on face? Just preference?
  8. I missed a turn while going to the mall today and drove by a Goodwill store, so I pulled in to look around. Walked out with a pair of matching brown 4" ceramic bowls . Figure one for soap, and the other to build up the lather. 98 cents for the pair.
    So +1 on shopping at Goodwill. You're helping them when you buy something (donating to them is great too), and you get what you need at an outstanding price.
  9. I use a small stainless steel pet food bowl as my lathering bowl. Works great and only cost $2.99 at wal-mart. Even has a non-skid bottom on it that allows you to grip it better when you have wet hands. Matches up with my col. conk brush and razor stand pretty good too. :biggrin:
  10. GP,

    Everything "wet shavers" do is preferential. From the razor, blade, soap and creams, and some degree technique. Lathering is the same; some use a scuttle, some a mug, some use the palm of their hand and others just lather up on the face.

    We become preferential after much "experimentation". That's how we find what works for us. When we make recommendations, it's based on our preferences 9 times out of 10. Example: I may recommend Merkur Razor Blades and someone else would say "Ugh" and would recommend Derby's.

    Preferential is our forte.

    Ask your questions, get recommendations, but as you see they are going to vary...

    Enjoy yourself and experiment...

    Have a good shave... :biggrin:
  11. I whip up my basic Badger Batter in a small hand bowl and finish lathering up on my face. It feels good to lather on the face & I also think it beats the whiskers into prime cutability.....

    Just mess around with your lather & lather up in a bowl, in your hand, on yer face & then just do the one or combo that feel's best for you and your whiskers.

    Also don't get discouraged if your "lather" is not whipped up perfect the first few times you try it. Like most things, takes a l'il practice. You've not only gotta learn a new technique or two but you have to adjust your water/cream-soap ratio's depending on how hard or soft your running water is in your town. In a couple of days you'll be whuppin' up badger batter like a pro...
  12. I use an onion soup bowl with a small pouring spout( for the brush handle to rest) if possible & a large handle to whip up lather for creams,soaps I lather on the face.
  13. I tried this after I read Clayton's post. But found the pet food bowl too shallow.
  14. You just bought the wrong size bowl. :biggrin:
  15. I'm using a wooden bowl similar to this:


    $4.00 at Walmart. Mine is a deeper color walnut, which adds a touch of old world charm.
  16. I think that's pretty cool, and there's been a number of nice looking wooden bowls that I've wanted to purchase as shave bowls, but two concerns keep popping into my head about using wood:

    1) Doesn't it rot and keep bacteria in all the nooks and crannies?

    2) Does it have any heat retention?
  17. It's a salad bowl. It's been treated.

    As long as I rinse and wipe it when I'm finished, I don't foresee any problems.

    It holds heat very well.
  18. I was in an IKEA store, and got this as a lathering bowl (but in green), and use a combination of a small bowl and this tumbler as a scuttle. The bowl fits very nicely into the tumbler with just the edge peeking out and is large enough to hold most brushes (a bit on the small side for a large brush).

    I don't have a sink where I could place a lathering bowl in without it floating around, which is why I've set up the scuttle thing.
  19. bjrn, I'm a little confused. Do you mean you put the tumbler in the bowl, and not the other way around?
  20. Oh, no. The green mug with the ear is what I use to create lather in, and when I'm done, the brush and lather goes into a small bowl, one which is just large enough to hold the lather and brush, that bowl goes into the tumbler.

    This is what it looks like:

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