Mühle 89 vs Merkur 34 (HD)

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by djh, Nov 26, 2010.

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    I have owned my Mühle for 6 months or so and it has become my favourite DE razor. I stopped in a small store on the way home this evening and purchased a Merkur 34 to try out- upon arriving home I found that someone had requested a comparison between the two razors following a SOTD post that I made this morning. Perfect timing!

    (L) Mühle 89 (R) Merkur 34


    As the photo shows, the Mühle has a longer handle than the Merkur and to my eyes the Mühle wins on elegance and quality of finish. I will shave with my new Merkur tomorrow morning and come back to add some more thoughts after doing so.
    If you have tried either (or even better both) of these modern classics please feel free to add something to the soup.
  2. I am just curious to your findings tomorrow. For me the Mühle wins easily; I prefer the balance, the longer (and lighter) handle and the lesser weight. Not to mention the better fit and finish either. In comparison the Merkur just feels a bit clumsy.

    But that is only one opinion and I know there are a lot of fans of the Merkur out there as well so let us hear what you think of it!

    Enjoy your shave! :001_cool:
  3. These are the only 2 razors I use so I have my opinions. But curious to hear your findings.
  4. I have both and think both provide a very good shave. Muhle fit and finish is much better than the Merkur. The 34 was my first DE and I would recommend to anyone as a starter razor. The Muhle is my everyday razor ( I actually have two with different handles.), and will be for many years. Perhaps because I started with the 34, and I do not have big hands, the short handle is fine. I have come to appreciate the longer handles of the Muhle, and the balance they provide.
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    My first shave with the Merkur 34 this morning was good. Initial impression is that it is a little more aggressive than the Mühle 89 and after WTG and XTG passes, I have my usual CCS. Seeing as it was the first outing, I took extra care making lather after my prep under the shower. A fresh Derby completed the set-up and I am now ready to attack the weekend.
    I will endeavour to report back in the next few days as I continue my testing.

  6. The Muhle definely has a higher quality feel to it, but I find that the HD provides a better shave. It displaced my Futur as my every-day razor.
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    This morning's shave confirmed a couple of things to me...... while I enjoy the weight of the 34 and the shorter handle, it is just a little more aggressive than my Mühle and I will need a few more shaves to get it properly dialed in. A relaxed Sunday shave this morning resulted in a couple of small weepers (very, very unusual for me)- but otherwise, the results were good and I am happy to have a new DE in my rotation.
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    ftfy :001_tongu
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  10. I started with a Merkur HD and it was ok. I remembered trying Astras as a second blade and I got some awful burn :mad3:
    I then chose to go with the Mühle R89. And it was the best razor! It actually is. I shave mostly with it. It worked with all sorts of blades: Iridium, Feather and many others. I also tried the Astras in it and it was a close, comfortable shave!
    Meanwhile, the Merkur 34c is just gathering dust. I will experiment later with it. But I admit not liking it too much.
    The Mühle on the other hand is superb! Better balance and smooth shaver. Plus it looks superb!
  11. I can't wait for the big announcement tomorrow!!! :tongue_sm
  12. My EJ89L is about to be supplemented with a Merkur 34. The EJ is a superbly finished DE and I'm hoping my decision to try a Merkur does not leave me disappointed.

  13. Got both razors.

    The Muhle is lighter, better finish and shaves smoother. To me it is aggressive like a Super-Speed. Also a very forgiving razor. I get DFS to BBS depending on the number of passes.

    The Merkur is slightly heavier with a harder finish that shaves somewhat aggressive for me. I also get DFS and BBS but I must be more careful using it as it is not very forgiving.

    They are nice razors and I like using both for the variety.
  14. Both of these razors serve me well. Equal quality inmho. I own a few other de razors but use these on a more regular schedule.
  15. I have the DE89 (same head as Muhle 89) and the Merkur 34C HD. I like them both but I prefer the Merkur. The 34C is definitely more aggressive, but for me that provides a better shave. Both are solid razors that I would recommend to anyone. That being said, I also have the Muhle R41 open comb, which gives me a better shave than either of the other two.

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