Most anticipated shave since i started with a DE

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by the_edski, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Tomorrow morning will be my first shave with a vintage safety razor. Bought a 54 SS from a fellow member here and i cleaned it up real nice tonight with a hot, soapy water soak, some scrubbing bubbles and a toothbrush. Got my favorite blade (Lord Platinum) ready and I seriously cannot wait to shave! I love this feeling!
  2. Enjoy it !! It will be an incredible shave. Shaving with a vintage razor is an awesome thing !!
  3. Isn't it fun :001_smile
  4. I know the anticipation...I got bid fever and picked up a 65 flare tip on the Bay a few days ago. Have since picked up some Maas Polish and Amazon and getting some scrubbing bubbles tomorrow to clean it up when it arrives!
  5. I understand the excitement. Irecently bought my first vintage razor (63 Slim) and shaved with it for thefirst time this weekend. The shave was definitely different than my Futur orEJ89. Recently the ED89 had been my favorite, but I have a feeling I will notbe using it for a while, if at all. Good luck and enjoy tomorrow's shave.
  6. Awesome! I also understand the excitement and anticipation. I recently had my first shave with a Gillette "Old Type" that I got off the bay that I cleaned up real nice... loved it.
  7. Nice edski!

    I've gone the other way - from my k-4 slim to an EJ barley.

    What's in your razor "stable" now mate? How many you got??
  8. Take your time and enjoy your shave, it only gets better!
  9. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    Merkur 34, Lord L6 and the above-mentioned Z-2 SS. I really hope RAD won't kick in anytime soon, it's gonna interfere with my fountain pen AD!

  10. Since I started DE shaving, I've never shaved with a "new" razor, only vintage Gillettes. But I know what you mean, I still get excited to shave! My first new razor will likely be a Weber once they get back in stock...
  11. How's that '54 treating you so far, Ed? You're leaving us all hanging!
  12. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    2 shaves deep with the SS and i am loving it. The TTO is like a new toy compared to a two piece. I like how mild it is (for me, YMMV) compared to my Merkur HD. This suits me perfectly as my day to day shaves have transitioned to 2 passes for a CCS, instead of 4 passes chasing a BBS and only ending up irritated.
  13. It is exciting! And it only gets better!
  14. Damn straight it's exciting! smiles. But how does one choose among one's children? I love them all equally since they are all mine and have fascinating individual character traits:

    My Futur looks like a Terminator 3. It's about as aggressive as any razor I care to use and can get downright mean on 6. But gives me the closest shaves I've ever experienced.

    My Gillette Techs are old school cool. Screwing one of them together makes me wonder about it's amazing history; where it's been, what it's seen. And reminds me of how great Gillette razor were. Smooth and comfortable -- what shave. Gentle enough for a head shave even.

    My Edwin Jagger DE89L is a work of art. Beautiful to the point of almost being more of a decoration in my shave den than a tool, but so useful too. It's almost as gentle as the techs, but when I throw on my Bob's Razor Works Bull Mastif XL it undergoes a subtle change into a full on whisker assassin -- especially with a Feather blade. Wow! This combo will shave! This dog hunts!

    Then there's my beautiful Gillette Slim. So perfect I could probably sell it on Ebay for a nice little chunk of money. But since I found it in an antique store for *$4.00* I would be an ungrateful jerk to ever let it go. Not to mention it's a great shaver at 1 all the way through 9. So clean and classy. It's not my birth year, but conception year. Yeah, I'll hang on to that coincidence.

    Now I'm delving into SE razors too! A whole new exciting world. We all complain about how much money we spend on our hobby but keep in mind, people spend far more on cars and booze than most of us will ever spend on razors and accouterments. Good stuff.

    Enjoy it when it gets here! It will be like a new member of the "family", just like the Merkur 37C I'm currently waiting on -- patiently! (not!)

  15. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    thanks for the great post John, all razors are different and we should all appreciate the nuances!

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