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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by charleton, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. My sampler of Honeybee soaps popped out of the mailbox yesterday evening. This morning -- Oakmoss. Yum! Very nice. Thanks, Sue.

  2. Gene,
    By "sampler", do you mean you just ordered a bunch of different soaps? I've been trying to get a grasp on where to start with the mama bear soaps, and Sue's been great about responding to my messages, but without smelling them it's pretty hard to tell which ones to get (AND there are so many choices!) Any recommendations? I know it's not really a major investment to buy a few, but my wife already mocks the amount of "product" that I own.
  3. Maybe you should check out the thread I started in the shaving soaps forum. Alot of the members have listed their favorites. I would say that a few soaps stand out to be extremely popular.
  4. Yeah, good plan. Until they invent the scratch and sniff web browser, I guess I'll just take a shot at a few different ones (Rosemary Mint from Mama Bear looks promising) and see how it goes. I can hear the mockery now

    "What! You bought more product! That's it - no more Queer Eye on the TIVO"
  5. My reply to her would be " at least they are not as expensive as all your shoes". HAHAHA
  6. OK, I'm a knucklehead. Sue has some "sampler" packs listed at the bottom of her ebay store, which I somehow managed to not see. I'm guessing that's what Gene bought.
  7. Yep. Them're the ones. Got here really quickly, too.

  8. I happen to love the Oak Moss. The Bay Rum is great too. Less crazy about the Sandlewood.
  9. So far I have not found a fragrance in the Honeybee Spa soaps that I did not like. I'm working on my second sampler package now and they are all great scents. Not to mention the fantastic shave they provide, which is really what it is all about, and this is where the Honeybee soap really excells.
  10. I couildn't agree more. Granted, I have not tried a great number of products, but I definitely get my best shaves so far using Honeybee soaps.
  11. The Honeybee soaps are the best I have found. They are simply remarkable. The best attribute of these soaps is there ability to provide a moist, smooth, and close shave with no irritation. The fragrances are also very nice.
  12. Could not agree more. Reading that makes me want to pull a puck out tonight (I've been playing with other things). My favorite of the homemade soaps tends to be whichever I used last.... At the moment, it is QED Sandlewood, which, based on scent, might be the single one shaving medium I would pick, if I had to pick. But that might change next time I use my Honeybee Bay Rum....
  13. I started wet-shaving this past summer after 40 years of canned foam, goo, and the odd year here and there of electrics. Started out with some of the more popular creams, then decided to try some of the soaps.

    Bought a few pucks of HoneyBee soaps, and have been really happy with them. They build a really thick, creamy, slippery lather that allows you to relather for multiple passes without razor burn.

    I still use the creams, but the soaps have become a mainstay. I need to try some of MamaBears' products.

    I endorse the HoneyBee soaps. They're a fine product.

    -- John Gehman
  14. I just received a Lilac shaving soap from Honeybee Sue. Wonderful!

    I still think the Mocha-Java shaving stick from QED is my all-time favorite fragrance, though. :smile:

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