Mont Blanc's worth the $$$?

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  1. I've wanted a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck fountain pen for a long time now and am on the verge of buying one. In your opinion, are they worth the money?
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    Can't help you as I'dlike to know as well. I really wanted one of these years ago but simply couldn't afford it. I ended up with their entry level FP and was terribly dissappointed. It felt very cheap in the hand and after having it repaired twice it was relegated to the drawer. I have no idea where it is, probably threw it away at some point. I discovered Waterman and never went back to MB. Now I know that's like comparing an entry Parker to a Duofold, and I should probably have given MB a chance.

  3. It is pretty hard to define worth. Really, one of those 50 cent bic things will write, anything beyond that is gravy :) The question really is, is it worth it to you. As with most things, they higher end you go, the smaller the improvements are (the 100 buck jump from a Hero to a Lamy 2000 or a Pelikan will be more noticeable than the 100 buck jump between two high end pens, and at some point, probably before you hit mont blanc, you have hit about as good as a pen can write). Try one out, if you like it and can afford it, then go for it. Of course, there are plenty of good high end pens once you get up there. If you are looking in that range, it might be worth checking out Pelikan 1000, Visconti, Dupont, Sailor, etc.
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    Only you can decide if a MB is worth the money. IMHO, MB is as much a status symbol as it is a pen.
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    I have owned over 10 MB pens in the past. I currently have 6 pens both vintage and modern. They are great pens but really not worth the price of admission for what you get. Nevertheless, I collect them because I like them.

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  6. I agree only you can decide if a MB is worth the cost. Having that said, I can report that I purchased a new MB 146 in 1989 and have used it off and on since then. The nip was kinda dragging and I wasn't using it as much as I had been the last couple of years, but I took it to the Chicago Pen Show this spring and had the nib adjusted for $20, and now it is filled with 5:00 Shadow and is my go-to work horse pen.

    When I first bought it, I was worried I might lose or break it. I quickly found out, you don't lose pens that cost several hundred dollars tend to keep an eye on least I do.

    Since that purchase, I have followed up with the matching MB Rollerball and the MB Pencil.

    I'm not saying that Mont Blancs are the best pens out there, and I'm even saying that it is the best pen I own. I'm just saying I have not regretted purchasing any of my MB, as I have long since forgotten what they cost or how much I paid. And I doubt if I hadn't purchased them, that I would have an extra thousand dollars in my savings account today.

    I guess you could say all fountain pens are luxury items that you have to measure in the "happy units per dollar" that they provide.

  7. What is the going price for a MeisterStuck these days?
  8. Checked recently here in Calgary, roughly $800
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    I definitely think the pens and nibs are great. Worth the price? Well that is subjective. I am definitely pleased with the quality. Current price on a 149 is about $600 US
  10. Yeah Its all up to you, I figure it like this, if you are wealthy or well off, you will have no problem dropping large sums of money on a pen or something like it. If you where to brake that item down would its raw materials be worth what you paid for it?
  11. I have three MB pens, and I like them all. However, when all is said and done I personally believe that they are over-priced.
  12. Objectively, based on the relative cost of similar pens, I would say that Mont Blanc pens are not worth it. It's worth noting that I haven't owned one and have only tried them briefly.

    Take, for example, Oscar Braun Pens. They are selling the black Pelikan M800, similar in size and construction to the MB 146, for $269. The 146 will be in the ~$600 range.

    On a related topic, if you're looking to get the 149 I would suggest that you find a place to hold it in your hand before you buy. It is quite a large pen and is therefore not the most portable writing instrument out there, nor does it fit well into some hands.
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    MBs are lovely pens but you will probably get more pen for your money by looking at other brands.
  14. Worth the money? In a word No. I have had several and have sold them all but two. One a high lighter and the other a ball point. The one with sterling silver with gold accents. IMHO one the great ball points, perfect size and feel. Now as for the fountain pens. They write way too wet. IMHO the quality has gone down since the '70s. I had a 146 from the '60s and wish I had not sold it. It just had a more solid and heavier feel and wrote better than any current pen I have sampled. The Meisterstuck line is nothing to write home about. Waterman makes several pens that have been more stylish. The Sailor 1911 large size, black with gold trim is the same size, have better variety of nibs and cost less. That being said you get more recognition with a MB. Of course people may think you're an elite snob but hey at least they will admire your pen.

  15. Funny, I was at the tailor today, and she was alternating measurements on me and another guy (I was getting some suit pants tweaked before class starts). The other guy had an MB clearly visible in his shirt pocket. I thought about asking him about it, but he seemed like more of a status symbol guy than an actual pen aficionado, and once I dropped off my pants, I was wearing cargo shorts and a Tshirt.
  16. I have pens from my Lamy ($40) to my Pelikan ($250). I almost always take the Lamy because I love the look, function and replacment cost. A good pen that fits your budget, writting style and your hand is the best pen, regardless of the name. Pens are a lot like watches.
  17. If you have to ask, it probably isn't worth it to you.
  18. GS4


    I don't think the quality meshes with the price -BUT- they will be recognized and respected by non-aficionados unlike almost any other pen. If you are out to impress... YES.. if not, skip it!
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    This sums it up nicely - I even think the Pelikans are expensive relative to the actual value/cost of production - that being said, my 800 is my favourite pen.

    I'm amazed that anyone spends the money on the MBs generally - I've had a couple and know lots of folks who have them - the consensus is that they're very average pens in terms of functionality.

    There's a reason besides price why you don't see a ton of of folks who are FP fans seeking out MBs - and that's because there's nothing special about them once you get past the (perceived) status symbol aspect.
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    I'm sure that they're not worth it but after seeing Austin's collection I want one bad!

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