Money Back Guarantee on any Titan or Atlas Razor from Above the Tie

Discussion in 'Above The Tie' started by Stan, Nov 22, 2012.

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    At Above the Tie we know money can be tight these days. Too many times we see things which we like that would add just a little more pleasure to our lives. However, we are often halted by fear. We have all experienced that dreadful thought, "what if I buy this and I don't like it"? Now you can put those fears aside! Starting now, on this Thanksgiving Day 2012, when you purchase any Titan or Atlas Razor configuration you receive a thirty day grace period. When you receive your new hefty stainless tool, shave away! If at the end of thirty days you don't like it, just return it for a full refund of the list price.
    Some in the industry said we should not offer this refund. Some said the stainless market did not need another razor. Some said we could not follow up the Titan with another offering, the Atlas, before Christmas. As you can see at Above the Tie we don't listen to too many experts, but we do listen to you and your needs. Our hope is that this guarantee will take some uncertainty out of your life and add a little enjoyment.

    In the unlikely event you should ever choose to return your razor (which we doubt), please return it in its original packaging. We don't think this is too much to ask.

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  2. Stan, what am absolutely fantastic offering. Above and beyond!

    What if someone's wife night it for them for Christmas and they did not use it for a month?
  3. Great offer Stan, thank you but you ain't getting mine back for sure. in fact I wanted to ask if you will make in Atlas handle available for sale by itself?
  4. Excellent offering, it shows a real confidence in the product to offer this kind of guarantee.
  5. FYI, Stan messaged me to say he would understand if you get the razor as a Christmas present. Great offering from Stan! I knew he can only post once a day in this forum so I wanted to make sure everyone knew of his reply!
  6. Well... This certainly changes things, lol. I was concerned about them possibly being too aggressive but now, I may take the leap and try one out.
  7. You can't beat a deal like this.
  8. I should have my Titan tomorrow or Monday. I doubt I'll need a return/exchange, but just the knowledge that I could gave me that one last push.

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