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Discussion in 'The Score' started by letterk, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    I'm not home right now, but I assume my T&H soap came in.
  2. Assuming that you've scored? I like that (as I believe many economists would).
  3. I equate economists with astrologists rather than astronomists. :laugh:
  4. You aren't the only person to (wrongly) think that way... I blame such views on macroeconomics - a field that I loathe.
  5. I thought my new brush and razor and soaps would be here when I got home, today, but they weren't. Sometimes, the UPS man comes later in the evening, though.

  6. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    Brand new Parker 84 from Rene... oh MAN... what a GORGEOUS razor!!!


    Thanks Rene!!! Can't wait to take it for a spin tomorrow...
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  7. [​IMG]

    Big delivery from Mama Bear... :a14:

    B&B Summer Aftershave
    Rosemary Mint soap
    Coconut Lemongrass soap
    Dragon's Blood cologne
    Mysore Sandalwood FO soap
    Spiced Apple Cider soy candle [tester sample]
    Cedarwood & Lemon soap
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  8. PFewww Im good till 2010 for B&B Cologne. that stuff is worth Gold.
  9. Pat, congrats, it's a real beauty...:thumbup: :thumbup:

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  10. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    Thanks! Boy, that sucker is quite a bit more aggressive than my Parker 90! Still, just one tinnnnnny nick on my chin that didn't even bleed. I'm very pleased though with the shave!! Nice lightweight, no-hold-barred 3-piece. I'll post a review after I use it a few more times :redface:
  11. Bought this today:

  12. fabelhaftes pinsel Thomas , tolle sache pure badger.

    gutes Haul..... :wink2:
  13. Tom, ich glaube Proraso und Omega seid der selber Creme. Diese Pinsel ist sehr schon! Gluck und Vergnugen, lieber Freund! Tolle Sache!

  14. This was waiting for me when I returned from Baltimore this evening.

  15. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    Hey Danny... what size/grade is that Rooney?
  16. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Arko Regular Shave Cream
    Arko Cool Shave Cream
    Arko Sensitive Shave Cream
    Arko Commando
  17. Hi Pat,

    That's a Rooney Style 3 in Super, medium size. I picked this up from Scotto. I am very much looking forward to trying this in the morning!

  18. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    Yikes. I made a stupid joke out of that thread after you bought the damn thing and didn't even remember it. Nice brush tho... the style 3 is growing on me :tongue:
  19. No worries! :biggrin: I have taken a liking to long-handled brushes so it was precisely because this was a Style 3 that I pulled the trigger. I find that long handles are easier to grip when making lather.

  20. [​IMG]

    Gillette Ranger Tech
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